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  1. Last post did not register Came a few years ago, we did have some damp in various locations and one that was rectified as a result of this visit, you have the major wall which I said above still wasn’t done . The council also recommended that extractor fans or vents were fitted in the property however that still not happened. Property is a mid terrace 1880s house so I do expect problems but I also expect a service I paid for from my agent. Which I do not get. Front door even as gaps all the way around you can see daylight LOL
  2. This is how much they care about the properties they tiled over the top of the tile which then blocked my plug socket and rather than move the socket they decided to smash a hole in one of the tiles to allow me to put a plug back in. We’ve been waiting three years for damp wall to be done despite them saying they will do it in two weeks as it’s saturated. But my favourite is we had water pouring out the boiler all weekend could not get hold of anybody eventually they sent somebody else who said that rain water was getting in the flu and entering the boiler in the kitchen they was not going to
  3. Nah just every person Ive since known who has moved on has found that there’s something that’s prevented them getting it back. Example One house was left pristine they were shafted on the deposit over damage which was caused by the bodgit repair man. professional toilet cleane was also added to the bill lol. What I was wondering out of this if the bedroom was smaller than what the minimum bedroom should be I was going to go back to them to advise that I’ve been paying for a three bedroom property when fact it’s been a two bedroom. Was going to ask for a reduction and also 5% that I
  4. If it was as simple I would. It’s the outlay I’ve gotta find up front. Plus I’ve since found that no1 who has ever rented through 5hese have received their deposit back... there’s always something.
  5. Hi all, I was told that this site may be able to help. We currently Rent via a letting agent who to be honest isn’t the best. Neither is the landlord of the property after we had a lot of bodged jobs doing we have had to rectify a number of things ourselves. Example of this was the toilet cistern been replaced which then leaked from the restrictor valve which was fitted. They came back and bodged it again the valve still leaked, finally The guy listen to what we said about the leak and found it . The carpeted bathroom (terrible idea carpeting in bathroom) was saturated and started
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