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  1. All, I would really appreciate some advice please as I am worried sick. The following is a rough timeline. I would appreciate any thoughts and advice. Thanks in advance. • Offence (a) I received a ticket for 25/12/2017 Speeding Westbound 58 mph in a 50 zone • Offence (b) I received a ticket for 25/12/2017 Speeding Eastbound 56mph in a 50 Zone • I declared that I was the driver for both offences and both forms in the same envelope • I then received a fixed penalty notice for offence (a) • I received a fixed penalty notice for offence( b) • I accepted the 100 pound and 3 points for each offence and sent the paperwork back. • I paid 2 x £100 as directed. • I later received a letter to say that I had not sent my Licence. I had indeed forgotten to include my license. • I sent my license and it was returned to me after a few days (I assumed 6 points had been added) • I received no further correspondence from the fixed penalty office • On 30/05/2018 I received a single justice Procedure notice for offence (a) saying that I failed to accept an offer. • At this stage, I checked my driving license and only 3 points were added. It appears that only offence (B) was processed I spoke with the fixed penalty office. They admitted that there had been an error but he explained that he was unable to do anything as it had been referred to the court. He told me to explain to them that I had followed the process at all stages. • I pleaded guilty to the court via the form but explained that I already paid the fine and explained the circumstances • Shortly after I received a refund of a £100 I then received a summons on referral to court as the case was inappropriate for single justice procedure. • I am unsure why it was decided that it is inappropriate for single justice procedure. This has not been explained?
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