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  1. hi everyone, I’ve joined this site to be in contact with you to let you know I am having the same problem with the same company, stupidly my partner went and brought a car for £3675, everything looks fine at first then when we got home we realise some things didn’t add up for example there was no personal details on the invoice no name of the seller, no milage logged, The engine management light came on two days later we took it to a garage where we were told there is a hole in the exhaust which lets emissions into the cab, the DPF filter is not fitted correctly X brackets aren’t aligned and the rear tyres are so worn the cord thread is showing through, The car has been deemed unroadworthy and wouldn’t pass an MOT we got in contact with citizens advice and trading standards and sent a letter asking for full refund within 14 days under the consumer credit act of 2015, we received a phone call telling us we could have a full refund and to take the car back tomorrow I’ve been calling his numbers as a courtesy call to let him know I will be arriving at 10:30 but no answer on any of these numbers.
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