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  1. thx for your reply. when the Revenue Protection team comes. i had told them that "We will take further action and asking the 3rd party to reinspect the meter, please tell me if the meter is still available" they said the meter was kept in one of their storage on one of the site. and yes i think i will either pay them the money and tell them what you have recommeneded "I only pay for put my business back on track, this does not mean any admission toward this cause, i will still willing to take further inspection" or get the bottled gas to run the business for the time being, since we are really a small food business we shouldn't use much of gas anyway. and about your question of how much it was less than a year. the business opens at early September last year. any date before that, the shop was remain closed.
  2. thx for your replay and explanation. from what they said on the Report was Conclusions In My Opinion this Meter has been operated in reverse and this has prevented the meter from duly registering the quantity of gas supplied does this mean that they are 100% sure that the meter is faulty? and about the wearing in the pinion. is it possible to check if it's the new wearing or the old wearing? and rough time when the wearing was caused? for example is it possible to check if the wearing is caused this year or last year? also i heard from somewhere else, apparently if the gas supply to the meter was stopped for a period of time (1 years or 2 years), in some old meter it would also make some similar wearing in the pinion. please tell me if this is true. because the shop was previously closed for almost 2 years by the previous owner. or is wearing can only be caused by reverse operation? sorry for asking so many questions.
  3. hi, since we sign the contract with B gas, and since this is the business contract, we can not cancel the contract with them. the other supplier would not accept the new contract with me if they know i was already on contract with B gas because this goes against the rule between each company. (this is what they told me) and yes, i did take the meter reading when i take over the shop, the meter reading was also signed by the previous owner. and about taking B Gas to court, that would be my Final option.... i don't want to do this but they basically forcing me to pay for something i have not done.
  4. BTW, i always wanted to ask, what does it mean by reverse gassing? i asked the guy from B Gas and they kept using technical term and i can't understand half of it. what i understand from what they try to say was "Someone has been Turn the meter AROUND, so the pipe was connected reversed this will slow the meter down." ??? but when i took over the property, the meter was always facing front, never got switched around. Before i took the shop over, it was a chips shop, but they are closed for 2 years, all their equipment are still in the shop when i took over.
  5. Hi, the shop was previously a fish and chips shop which was also bad on business and closed for 2 years. then i took it over at april last year and changed it to chinese takeway. what i mean by due for decoration is (If they going to charge me from April to now, the usage of gas would be different during April-August, this is because the shop was shut and getting decorated for almost 4 months after i took it over.) and about the Court for Warrant, i have no idea about them, they have not showed me any details about the warrant and i have no idea which court they are coming from. and about law sue, idk anything about it, i was try to get help from solicitors but most solicitor i know, they doesn't have any Experience to deal with dispute problems. if you have any place where i can find a solicitor who's dealing with this type of stuff, is it possible to let me know?...
  6. Thx for all your reply. and yes it's a Gas Meter. as a takeaway we use gas to cook mostly. I don't know if they do have a man from court who have the authorized to force enter the property. they said they have, but i didn't receive any documentation of the Authorized person. I Contacted them earlier today to negotiate the situation. and yet my business is still closed. they said the only way we can go around this is by paying the bill of 5300.30. i have told them all i had in my bank is just round about 500, and they said they can only accept the full amount or they won't put us back on business. they won't set up any thing like monthly plans or yearly plans for me to pay. Am struggling with my life right now, i can't afford to pay 5300. this is how they charged me... They said we are responsible for the fee of them hiring the Lock Smith and the Inspection on meter. i also realised the unit charge they put on the 5000 pound bill is much higher so it's the wrong price they giving from the previous bill. Another thing is, i took over the shop at April last year, and the shop is due for decoration until August so before august last year, our shop are totally, the shop is officially opened after august, but on the 5000 pound bill, they charged us from when we took over the shop til now. shouldn't the price of the bill be reduced since the unit charge is wrong and the date of the when we start to use gas are also incorrect? Guys... i appreciated for any advice and help from your guys. but i literally think this is so unfair on me.
  7. today they were in the shop, and was asking me to "Just Admit that I have done it" "We all know what happened" but i really have no idea until today....
  8. they won't believe me. i tried. they think "I done it" not long ago
  9. Hi, am new to place, wish you all well. My problem happened weeks ago, the B Gas Revenue Protection Team lock pick in to my shop and took my meter away and said i am suspicious for Tampering their meter. The Meter was outside the shop front behind the counter table, when they come to get the meter reading, i always let them in straight away. What i had in mind was "Since i haven't done anything to the meter, it shouldn't be a problem with it anyway, if they want to check, let them do it." The reason they think i tampered the meter is because the gas usage in my shop is lower than the average usage around my shop. (My shop is new takeaway in the area, only opened less than 1 year so not many business going on, that's why the usage was lower than other shop.) BUT They come back today with the test results which said "The test results shows Diaphragm Has Not Been Tampered." but in their Conclusion it said "In My Opinion, The Meter Has Been Programmed Reverse." (They said there is some wearing in side the pinion this is why they think the meter has been reversed before. though i still have no idea how this works... how can a meter reverse and still working?) (I had been ask them if they know when the reverse happened, the Company who did the check said they don't know when it happened but the guy who brings the report said it happened after i took over the shop, no roughly information of month) and now they took my meter away and asking me to pay 5300 before they can reinstall the meter back if not they will call the police and bring me on court. i have called British Gas to ask what is really happening and why i got accused for it when i have no idea about it. but they always passed me through to the guy who took the meter away. I HAVE NOT done anything to the meter, and I CAN'T Afford to play 5000 now to get my business back on running... and the business is my only income... they stopped it now which means there is no way i can make 5000. I really need some advice of what i should do.... i don't want to take this blame since i actually haven't done anything to the meter. and now my only income, my business has been closed because of this....
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