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  1. Back in January 2017 I switched banks. Everything seemed to transfer over with no issue until July 2017 when I received a letter from Kwik Fit Insurance Services saying I owed them £107 for a home contents insurance policy. On checking my direct debit list I discovered that no payment had been taken for the direct debit. I had two direct debits with Kwik Fit insurance at the time, one for car insurance the other for contents. I rang the bank who confirmed that Kwik Fit had never applied for the payments to be withdrawn from my account. I sent a recorded delivery letter to Kwik fit and followed up with another letter (again sent recorded delivery) three weeks later after I had heard nothing from them. A month after my second letter I received a letter from Resolvecall to recover the debt on behalf of Kwik fit. I telephoned Resolvecall and explained the situation and asked them to look into the matter. The girl I spoke to said she would and would email me within 14 days. I heard absolutely nothing and (stupidly) assumed it was the end on the matter. Four weeks ago I received a letter from Arc Europe who have now bought this debt and now a letter from Major Law with fees added. They are now asking for £130. Can anyone suggest how I should handle this? I am not denying that this money should have been paid, albeit by monthly direct debit, but I tried to communicate on several occasions first with Kwik Fit and then Resolvecall only to have my requests ignored. I can't take the chance that this could go to court as my job relies on me having no CCJs on my credit file. If I have to pay the money I will (though I wouldn't be able to pay all at once) but I don't think I should have to pay costs. Would it be worth sending a letter to my bank under the bank account switch guarantee? I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks so much in advance.
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