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  1. Thanks for that dx. That actually makes sense now. I'll update once I've received the refund and confirmation of the charge being removed.
  2. Thanks Andy. I'm intrigued to know what on earth the woman dealing with my complaint came across to suddenly write off the balance and refund my payments. However, I won't be questioning it, it all seems to good to be true... I'm hoping it's not of course.
  3. Hi Further to my earlier posts, I continued to try and reason with Lowell's advising that no court action had ever been taking on my account and a complaint was raised on my behalf. I didn't submit a complaint but they raised one anyway. I only asked that someone with a bit of knowledge review my account and the settlement offer I had made. Today I received an email from their customer relations department advising that my complaint was upheld and the following would happen. 1) £100 in compensation for the misinformation they had given me.
  4. Thanks dx, I've drafted a letter back asking them to explain the litigation and to explain how they deemed it ok to make an initial offer! We'll see what they come back with, under the current climate you would think they'd be snapping up settlement offers. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Hi folks, Hope everyone is keeping safe just now. I had an old thread on here regarding my ongoing secured loan saga with Lowell's. To cut a long story short, they offered me a discounted settlement last year of 4.5k on a balance of around 11k, unfortunately I had no way of making the payment at the time. Move on a year and I've saved a little I wrote to them making an offer of 3k, they've since written back saying they can't offer a discount on my "litigated account" as it's "deemed payable by the courts". Firstly, t
  6. Ha ha sorry!! So what should I do in the meantime? Wait and see if another offer comes my way?
  7. Thanks dx, I couldn't afford to pay what they are offering now anyway so no payment will be getting made. I will write to them anyway and just say that I cant afford to make a payment for that amount, however, ask them to confirm that they would remove the charge and mark the debt as fully settled if I were to settle in the future (FYI this debt has never appeared on me or my partners credit file for some unknown reason). I defaulted with Welcome years ago and they issued default notices at the time. I cant figure out why Lowells have suddenly offere
  8. Thsnks dx, I'll have a nose myself. If I I can figure out where to conjure up 4.5k to pay the reduced settlement, there's no way I'd pay it without written confirmation from them that they'd remove the charge. I wonder, should I send them a letter just now saying I am trying to come up with funds to agree a reduced settlement but could they confirm in the meantime that the charge would be removed? Least that way I'd have confirmation before proceeding?
  9. Thanks ill do the spreadsheet and let you know the outcome. Should I write to lowells and say I can't afford this at this time and see what they say? Are they known for not removing charges? I had assumed if you settled even a reduced amount the charge would be removed? Is this not the case? I feel so stuck now since the fso won't help.
  10. It is a joint loan on a jointly owned property. We plan to sell next year but paying welcome the full amount would eat massively into our deposit. I'd be happy to pay the reduced settlement on sale but would they agree to that? It's still a year away. if they get wind of a sale they'll want the full amount? The 100s of charges were detailed in my complaint to fso. Is it something to possibly write to lowells about? Say I'd settle for the 60% reduction minus all the charges? I'm so annoyed with the fso outcome but the 60% reduction is at least
  11. OK I had got my hopes up there too but I've just checked my email and there's a response from the adjudicator dealing with my case at fso. So he says when welcome got into financial difficulty some years ago, they became protected by "the scheme" meaning customers can't raise claims, he says he believes we weren't advised of this at the time and sympathises but cannot uphold the complaint on the basis welcome are covered by the scheme. This seems really unfair to me since I'd never heard of this scheme until recently. He did say we could get someone to look into this
  12. Hi all, I just wanted to send a quick update on my position with welcome finance and possibly get advice on the next step. I have a complaint in with the fso regarding welcome, I haven't had any outcome yet but did get an email stating they were still waiting on information from welcome. Anyway today in the post, I had a letter from the dca, lowells offering a whopping 60% discount if I settle before May 7. Now I've asked for full and final settlement before and been told not a chance so why now? Are welcome panicking or am I wishful thinking?
  13. Hi, Sorry for jumping onto the post, I'm looking to calculate mortgage arrears charges too but I cant find the spreadsheets for doing this, the new layout has me confused! Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Hi all and happy new year! I just wanted to give an update on the situation with WF just in case anyone is in a similar situation. I finally received my SAR from WF which had all my paperwork covering all the relevant years. I then drafted a complaint to them with a list of all the things I wanted answers too. I have now had a response from them. Here are a few of the things from my complaint that were interesting reading: I asked who Blue Sky and SLS were and what fees were paid to them - they confirmed these were brokers but no fees had been charged
  15. Great thanks dx, sorry for confusion. I'll get that done and wait with baited breath for their next response......
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