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  1. Following our initial letter, we are disappointed that your account with Lifestyle Fitness - Hagley Road is still in arrears and our fee has not been paid.

    We would still like to reach an amicable resolution to this, however, if you fail to respond to this letter, we will have no option but to commence further action to recover the monies owed. The options available to us are:


    We believe you are in breach of a legally binding contract with Lifestyle Fitness - Hagley Road because you have not paid your membership and our fees. We may pursue a claim under this contract through the Courts. If we do so the following process would apply:

    1. We will write a formal letter explaining what we are demanding and give you a final opportunity to pay/reply;

    2. If this failed to settle the matter we would issue proceedings against you in the County Court;

    3. Youcouldtheneither:

    a. make payment, ending the legal process, or

    b. dispute some, or all, of the amount was owed.

    4. If you dispute the amount was owed the Court process would continue, at the end of which

    the Court would make a decision on our claim.

    5. A strict Court imposed timescale will apply in relation to the Court process.

    Were we to be successful in our claim, or if you ignore the claim, a County Court Judgment (CCJ) may be registered against you requiring you to make payment. You may also be liable for our costs of pursuing legal action and interest on the amount owed.

    If you then fail to pay the amount covered by the CCJ we would take the next steps required to enforce the judgment. To do this we would have to make an application to Court.


    Your account would be passed to another Collection Agency who will take further action to recover the monies owed.


    Credit resolution services

  2. Ideally I would liked to have retrieved the messages from lifestyle and gymgroup to me. The “Sorry you’re leaving us” emails.


    I did get my money back via the dd guarantee.

    I’ve never done that before! Harlands did exactly as you guys said and sent a threatening letter asking that I reverse the order.


    Every time they contact me that add more charges


    . I guess so psychologically we panic and want to resolve it. If they have no real power, I’m taking your advice and ignoring them

  3. Hi all, today I have received an email from “Credit resolution services”.

    It states they have been employed by Lifestyle Fitness so another £66.50 has been added to my account balance which now stands at £231.43.

    They want me to call and discuss payments. I’m not well and these people are causing so my stress i’m Considering paying the money so they leave me alone. It’s just so much money! I wish they was a method of retrieving old emails so I could prove to these people that I cancelled the memberships

  4. I have received a letter from Harlands group today.


    They said they have received an indemnity claim from my bank to refund the sum of £139.93.

    I was under a membership agreement and they received no notice to cancel my agreement.


    The agreement also states that such payments are non-refundable and ask that I request my bank to withdraw it’s claim immediately.


    Should I not withdraw the claim and rectify this breach of my agreement within 14 working day I will incur a £25 admin charge and the matter with be referred to a debt recovery company to pursue the full amount and cost incurred.

  5. I have called Barclays and asked for my Direct Debit refund.

    They have apparently refunded the money and logged a claim.


    He did say however that if the claim is disputed and they call me for more information, they may need evidence to prove the cancellation of my gym membership.


    I do not have the cancellation emails anymore. I’ve done everything I can think of to try and retrieve them.


    I’ll keep you updated.


    Thanks again for the support, it means so much!

  6. Good morning, first of all this is the first time i’ve Used a forum so pardon my ignorance.


    I was a member at lifestyle fitness on Hagley road, Birmingham. I paid for a 12 months membership and only went twice. I cancelled my membership and received a “Sorry you’re leaving” email.


    Maybe a year later I rejoined. The building having changed Hands to “TheGymGroup”.


    I was paying by the month and I was using the gym. I got really fed up with the gym and the lack of equipment


    . I quit my membership through the members app.

    Again I received a “Sorry you’re leaving” email. That was maybe 4 months ago.


    My lifestyle membership i think ended sometime in 2016.


    I realised to my Horror last week that the Gymgroup are still taking my £18.99 a month!


    I have contacted them and they said because I no longer have the email, there is nothing they can do.


    To make matters worse, she said that my lifestyle membership was still running!


    Now i’m Terrified that they have also been charging me for 2 years without me realising!


    I don’t even know how to contact lifestyle as they no longer run the gym


    . I have now cancelled my direct debits, which I will do in the future. I feel such an idiot. I just trusted the companies were professional!


    I feel so upset and totally powerless. It’s such a mess and I don’t know what to do

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