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  1. Thanks. I am just finding them scary as I know they act as sheriff officers also so maybe they mean business more than what I have previously encountered. But if they are acting as a DCA then i will chill until i get a reply re my s.78.
  2. Okay thanks. Will do this right now. Should I let walker love know also I have done this or just ignore meantime?
  3. Reading other posts they are likely to visit the house! I dont want to ignore it and end up with a decree...but I am not sure if this is just scare tactics at the minute.
  4. Hopefully that has uploaded correctly. I just received an email from them also of a similar nature. I am unclear as to how they have my email address! I can only think it has been retained from the original creditor next because I have not been in touch with debt managers ltd at all.
  5. Thanks for your reply unclebulgaria67. This is not a headed letter like you say. I was going to email walker love this morning and have been looking in to cca requests/prove it letters etc I am thinking if they dont have their paperwork in order they cannot pursue it through the courts? I am wondering now if I should maintain no contact instead and sit tight until I receive the letter you mention?
  6. Hello all. I am hoping for a bit of advice please. I received a very worrying letter from Walker Love today advising that I owe their client £396 (the original creditor was Next Directory...but I believe this is now owned by Lowell). The default took place in 2014 and at the time I was suffering from chronic illness that meant I fell behind with payments. You know the story...it ended in the default. I never denied my debt.. .I emailed and called offering payment several times and was dismissed. ..I was told that their agents would be in touch. Several months lat
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