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  1. so what do i actually do once i get all this info sent to me? as this is all taking up my time trying to sort this crap out as it is. will the court accept the N245 forms if i type out on the pdf or do i have to print out write in manually then scan? Thanks
  2. ok so if i sar shop direct then what happens. do i still send the forms in the mean time?? as i really need to stop the bailiff ive already told the court what im doing shes made a note of it on my case.
  3. I dont know how to do all this. plus times running out now as the bailiffs can come at any time now . should i just get the N245 in asap still? if i was to get the original claim form this will delay things , and i really dont know what defence i can use as i said its not SB i have checked Are you saying that £10 per month is an amount they will accept? im sure lowell would want more tbh as they are greedy parasites as everyone knows so they may refuse , and i really dont want to attend court as i suffer anxiety.
  4. Just to add do you think £30 a month is ok it leaves me with nothing after this once all bills are paid. what is a realistic amount that you feel lowell or the courts would accept per month with an income of 912.00 an outgoings £198 ?
  5. Ok thanks, ive just printed out and filled out the forms N245 and EX160 i rang the court to notify them that im sending these over, They have put a note on my case regarding this.T . i just hope they accept my offer of payment monthly at £30 as i cant afford no more that this. Im hoping now that this has stopped the bailiffs coming . Thanks everyone for your help. will keep you posted what the end result is.
  6. ok thanks. so is this issue of warrant of control letter a final letter or do i get another saying when balifs come im worried they come before ive actually got these forms sorted and sent. is it right that baliffs can attend any 7 days in the week ?
  7. Theres probably no point getting the claim papers , as its not SB i know for sure so i have no other defense really ,im done for. Is still need to know do i send the forms N245 AND EX160 Together? with or without payment.
  8. What i mean do i have to pay the installment same time as sending forms, someone told me that i can send via email pdf file to the court ?
  9. i shall look into sending forms N245 AND EX160 can i send via email to the courts also when it comes to the part that states I ENCLOSE FEE OF: what happens with this as i dont have a cheque book and as i want to email them over do i leave this blank? as i wont know what the court will want me to pay . Sorry if this sounds confusing Thanks Hello again sorry to be a pain Do i first send the EX160 off to the court to get fee waivered ? as on the N245 Form it asks for the fee account number and reference. also i dont have a claim number as on the issue of warrant of control it only has a case number. or send both together and wait for court to tell me what payments installments i should be making? Thanks much appreciated
  10. If i get the copies of the claim papers. what grounds can i dispute defend the debt? as i do know that its not SB as the VERY/LITTLEWOODS account was only taken out in year 2016 Confused what road to go down now, as cant afford the £50 for the n244 or n245 not sure which one is which now lol. this is truly doing my head in tbh worried we will lose the car too, as we share it , its being signed over to me now , from my friend with a receipt is this enough proof to the bailiffs? the V5 log book is in my name as from now.
  11. Thank you for your advice. ill give the court a call then tomorrow, what do i need to do once if and when i get the copies of the papers? was lowell suppose to send claim forms initially? i always thought they did need to do this first before entering a ccj, which has now messed him my friends credit record im not that clued up about all this legal stuff. its very daunting .
  12. Hi there Im new to this forum and need some advise please. Heres the story My friend has received a "Issue of warrant of control" letter a few days ago , hes confused as to why this is, we checked on his credit file and noticed a ccj that has been placed by Lowells, how surprising! its weird as some guy knocked asking for my friend a week ago he said he was from resolve call! not sure why as i said he isn't here s the guy just walked off. Not sure if he was connected to Lowells or the same debt. he has never received any court claim forms at all prior to this the debt is with littlewoods online catelogue. Please can you advise on what is his best action. Hes on a low wage only works part time hes worried now as we dont want bailiffs at the door , they would go straight for the car! Any help is much appreciated.
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