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  1. Perfect. I have the bank details so I'll just pay uw direct. One more thing though. I left them because they were way more expensive than they initially said they'd be. Even though they quoted based on looking at my previous years usage. Then I find out I owe them another 780 or so because I was on their payment scheme where they average out the summer and winter payments. So it turns out theyre even more expensive than I thought. Around 100 a month more. Where do I stand with just not paying and taking my chances I'm court? If I can dig out their initial estimate?
  2. This is my plan but if they hand it to do will the debt increase as the dc add fees?
  3. I've blocked them from doing it again but didn't realise I could get it back thanks.
  4. I was stupid enough to sign up with utility warehouse who gave us low quotes for gas and leccy bills then upped them after 3 months....then when we got fed up and left sent us a final bill for £788 because we were on their bill protection scheme....no warning about this other than the small print. i want to setup a payment plan with them but as they've already dipped into my account to take £200 out without notifying me via a card payment. i do not want to pay via card or direct debit. They're saying that i can only setup a payment plan if i pay via card or direct debit. I want to
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