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  1. Also if I borrow costs for ccj and pay it directly to school are they still allowed to collect the fees they are trying to add?
  2. Ccj for debt incurred for 2 month notice of school place after my child left school. They took it to court for £3900 but it was dismissed bar £550 and costs hence the figure arrived at
  3. Would massively appreciate your advice and am new on here so please bear with me. I had a CCJ registered against my name in March but as I have no income or own nothing and have medical issues the court stated that although the judgement was ruled there was no timescale for enforcement. Role on three months later and whilst I was out my son phoned me and said there was a strange man at the door who I later found out was a High Court Enforcement Officer. There were two minors in the house at the time yet he sat in his car at the end of the drive for over an hour and my kids were ver
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