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  1. Hi In March I ordered a washing machine of KANDCO online, which offered a buy now pay later. If you know Kandco, you have to fill out the promotional code to do this, which I did and proceeded with the order. After receiving threatening letters from them about not paying the minimum requirement, I contacted them stating that I had doe this on a buy now pay later deal. Initially, I received an email that back that the buy now pay later deal is checked with credit agencies and that my credit did not allow me to proceed with the deal. I replied that I had already received the item. They emailed back, stating I will be passed to another department who deals with this. The new department replied, stating that I did not fill out the promotional code (which I did). After, reading through the statement that they sent me, there is no mention of the buy now pay later ? but also they have charged me Shopping Insurance Covers Your Purchases + Payments ! Again after contacting them, they say I agreed to it, which I definitely would not of. Can someone tell me if I can return the item ? and what can I do about this ? they are also trying to charge me £12.00 late payment fees.
  2. Hi 13months ago my partner recieved her new Nokia 6280 phone from 3. From the onset she complained that the reception was dire and kept cutting out. 3 said they needed to know the post code she was making the calls from and they would strengthen the signal in that area. This did not help. She called again and was advised the same thing, but still the phone kept cutting out. 2months ago, 3 agreed to have a look at the phone and it was sent off for analysis. It came back with the report it had water damage. My partner explained that she had not dropped it in water or spilt anything on it and must of been like it when she recieved it. 3 advised her that water damage can happen just from walking from one room to another, due to atmospherical pressure. They offered her a recon phone that she would have to pay a further £95.00 for and carry on her contract. She declined this. After browsing the internet we found in fact there are known faults with the 6280, of which 3 agree there are, but are still unwilling to accept they supplied her with a substandard phone. Now they are offering her that she pays £65.00 to end the contract that has 5 months to go but she must start a new contract on a higher tariff, She has decined this as well as she is unsatisfied with the service she has got from 3 in the past 13months and really has paid over £400.00 for a phone that has been next to useless. We have told them we will be getting in touch with OFCOM and quoted the sales of goods act, where I think the supplier has to provide evidence that the product was in working order when the customer recieved it but this did not really have any effect. Anyones advise on this would be gratefully accepted.
  3. Hi there Need a bit of help. Previously, I have successfully reclaimed my bank charges from Natwest £1700. I am now in the middle of claiming my charges back from HSBC, but the case has been transferred to the Merchantile court, and now has a prelim on the 19th June. This didnt happen with Natwest, what do I do at this prelim court and will it get this far? :???: Thanks for reading and looking forward to your responses
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