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  1. This is a reply from council: "The residents used to have a key to the gate and have a private right of access through it to the Bath Road. This should be written into the deeds. However, it is a private access issue and not something the Council would be involved in."
  2. @honeybee13 I dont't have lease documents only tenancy agreement. It doesn't say anything about the gate in there. Only general information about the house. @ericsbrother When I moved in in 2009 the gate was already there and I have been given keys from my landlord to use the gate. There are about 50 families living on the street and they are all keen to have the gate open again. I bought the papers from Land Registry and under Property Register it says: "is expressed to grant the following rights:- with the right in common with others to use the alley leading from the said property to Bath Road Slough aforesaid part of which is coloured brown on the said plan." Which describes they alleyway that I'm talking about
  3. The street name is Adelphi Gardens in Slough. I would post the link to the Google Maps but I can't at the moment . There you could see how it's built. I believe the street was built in 1900's because I found a picture on the internet describing a bingo hall (which used to be a theater) which is next to my street , that on my street workers of the theatre used to live, and it was in 1962 . I'm living here from 2009. My neighbour who moved to Scotland a month ago said that he lived here for 30 years and they always had a key to the gate. This is the first time that they welded it. About the deeds I will need to ask my neighbours because most of the people are renting the homes from private landlords like me. The other access is from the road as seen on Google maps. I think cost is not a problem because every person living on our street want to have it sorted and I think what delayed the decision was the hole in the fence and we could walk through it. At the beggining we planed to write a petition, sign it and then send it to the owner of the street. But no one knows who he is.
  4. I'm living on a private street which is a dead end but my landlord isn't the owner of it, it's someone else. From one side we have access to the side road for a cars, and from the other a gate which leads to the main road. Three years ago the owner of the street decided to weld the gate for no reason. He done it in the morning when everyone living on the street were at work/school. I contacted my landlord to see if he has contact details to the person that owns the street, but he doesn't. Few months later someone made a hole in a wooden fence next to the gate and straight away we started using it because it's much safer than the side road. Few months later the landlord came back to put a new fence. But yet again in the morning hours when no one living on a street was at home. Then I contacted local council, but they said that the street is private and they can't help me. Half a year ago someone made another hole in the wooden fence. Yesterday they changed the wooden fence to the metal one. Again they did it in the morning avoiding people. In conclusion: The owner of the street welded the gate without giving notice, he is constantly avoiding people living on the street and no one has got contact detail to him. Side road even there are houses there is not safe in the evening because one of my neighbours was assaulted down there. Also one of the neighbours travels on a mobility scooter and because pavement is narrow she needs to drive on the road and avoid cars.
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