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  1. Overall size of the company is 10,000 with about 500 on my site. Yes I’m lucky in my area has one of the lowest unemployment rate in the country and quite often companies have to look for staff from over 30 miles away to employe, So getting another job won’t be an issue however finding one as good pay as this would be but I want to fight this as I’m innocent. Hope things work out for you too Fkofilee know it feels like your up a certain creek without a paddle at times!
  2. Thanks for help Not part of a union however I might need to look into it. Apart from the one investigation meeting while suspended and it’s been recorded in the minutes multiple times that this was causing a lot of stress for me have my company contacted me to even ask about my health, the fact I had to contact them for an update shows how little the company thinks of there employees
  3. Hi, Feel for you as it’s not a very nice situation. They have stated gross misconduct for failing to follow a company policy however I have never signed this company policy in question. Yes I’ve had 3 investigation meetings twice while still at work and one while suspended, I’ve cooperated at every stage of this and have provided evidence to my innocence however I feel they are trying to force me out or hoping I would resign hence why I was suspended for so long
  4. Hi there first time posting so please be gentle! I’ve worked for my current company for 10 years now and have a really good non sickness record and have never been in any disciplinary trouble. However on 27th April my employer stated and investigation into me and the team I was leading, after 2 investigation hearings I was suspended on 8th May. The company suspension policy recommends 5 working days suspension however I was suspended a lot longer, finally on the 17 working day The stress got to much for me and contacted HR and asked them for an update, 2 days later I got an invite to a disciplinary. The day before my disciplinary I finally cracked and called the sick line with work related stress and got into my doctors a few days later who signed me off for 2 weeks. My employer emailed me to ask if they could contact me yesterday and that call never came despite me looking at my phone all night however they have called tonight. My emplyer asked how I was but then quickly started to put pressure on me by wanting to know when I would be fit to attend the disciplinary, I stated I have the doctors tomorrow and I would keep him updated as per the absence policy which I have followed to the T but stated I didn’t feel mentally ready at the moment to even look at the evidence against me and I felt I needed to be in a better state of mind to fight this accusation (Gross misconduct charge). I want to fight this and don’t want it dragging on any longer than need be but I have only been off sick less than 2 weeks surely they can’t be pressuring me like this without even getting a occupational health report on me? Sorry for going on but my questions are. 1) Can I be dismissed while off with GP’s note through work related stress? 2) Has my employer acted reasonable in all of this, given the amount of stress it has put on me? Many thanks Bob
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