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  1. Hope this isn't a stupid question but should I send a traditional letter via the post or email? Does it matter?
  2. Thank you everyone for your help so far, I have now received another letter from ZZPS saying that they will be passing "this account" to their solicitors QDR Solicitors Ltd. And the fee for that will be £30. Letter 26th June 2018 R.pdf
  3. Single merged doc including photos from a visit on the 16th June 2018. Thank you for your patience Somehow, only 9.6Mb now! docs.pdf
  4. Hi all. I'm really sorry but I've been trying to create a single merged file and ended up creating a monster... It's 113Mb and was too large for the upload section so I deleted the files I already had in there. On top of that I've had dreadfully slow internet all day so couldn't upload the monster. I will try again now in the post below.
  5. Hi Ericsbrother. The original NTK is the first pdf of the 3 in the merged post above. That has been their only communication with me; the NTK does say that other photos are available on their website - is it ok to look at them? They can only be from the same position as there is only one camera there. There isn't any signage at the entrance to the land and it certainly isn't obvious that it's private land. I have returned to the site and will attach the photos in a (merged) document below and include the exact location including the positions of the parking bays on a map. Thank you!!
  6. Hi Sidewinder They have a camera installed that took a photo of the car "parked" at the entrance to the road. That photo only shows my car parked at the entrance to the street, so no pallets in that photo. They've also said that they have others available to view n their website, maybe they will show the pallets? I do have recent photos showing the pallets and the notice about access. The first I knew about it was a letter in the post. Just to confirm, it's a Parking Charge Notice delivered by post. Will fill in the form. Thank you!!! Here is the form you requested [
  7. Hello all. First of all thank you very much for supporting this website. It has given me some hope in what to me appears to be a very dishonest situation. Summary PCN received after stopping for 12 mins at the entrance to a P&D car park in which ALL 4 Spaces were blocked by a wooden pallet each with a notice saying the road was too narrow for parking and emergency access. Details Broadwater Street West in Worthing, West Sussex is a short, narrow L-shaped side street running along the side of Starbucks and to the left behind it and other buildings, giving access to lock-up garages and waste bins. It has 4 parking spaces nose to tail running from the entrance of the road. My passenger had a painful case of cystitis and needed to use the loo. Thankfully we saw a Starbucks and from the main road it looked like there were parking spaces free in the side street next to it. After turning into the street and letting my passenger out, I saw that each of the parking bays had a wooden pallet in them preventing their use. In addition there was a sheet of paper on the wall to the side of each space saying that access was required at all times in case of emergency, bin collection and deliveries and that the road is too narrow for parking cars and through traffic. This is certainly the case. Having entered this narrow street the only way out was too drive to the end of the L where there is just enough space to turn around and then drive back to the entrance. Unable to park I waited just short of the main road for my passenger to return. Although I had fully intended to pay, with it not being physically possible to park let alone legal, the whole place gave the appearance that parking was at least suspended if not cancelled. Hence it never crossed my mind that I would be penalised for stopping there. There is of course no one supervising to tell you. My passenger could have just run in to Starbucks, used the toilet and run out but being polite she chose to buy some tea. We had just left the vet after having spent an hour talking to one of their very kind nurses about the loss of our dog which has been heartbreaking. It was a very emotional time and with the cystitis as well I couldn't drive off and leave them; stopped by the entrance I could at least clear the road if for example an emergency vehicle required access. They returned after approx 10 mins and we left. What Happened PCN received for "Failing to Park Within a Marked Bay". Given the situation described above where I was physically unable to park in a marked bay, let alone do so without blocking emergency access I thought it was a [problem] and a quite ludicrous one at that. And for this reason I have not contacted One Parking Solutions. I have since received a letter from ZZPS Limited saying my unpaid PCN has been passed to them to resolve. The balance owed has now increased to £170. They have quoted Parking Eye v Beavis as a recent Supreme Court Ruling. I have spoken to them and they said I was parked for 12 mins. If I do nothing the matter will be passed to their solicitors.
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