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  1. Thank you for a prompt response. I phoned up to use the automated system to pay and it only charged me £3 (for a van?) Could this be because it is my first offence and that they've automatically applied the 14 days grace for me to pay the initial fee?
  2. Hi all. I have a dart charge account to which mine and my fiancees cars are registered to, but hired a van from Enterprise and forgot that it wasn't automatically debited until a couple of days later. I paid the fee, but as expected got the £35 charge from enterprise and this morning received the PCN from Dart Charge (after enterprise forwarded my details). The registration mark of the van is correct and so is the model, but under make, it is listed as BMW instead of Ford. Would this be enough to claim an incorrectly issued PCN? If so, could I then appeal to enterprise that the PCN was incorrectly issued and cancelled and therefore request a refund of their administrative charge? Thanks in advance all
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