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  1. The dealer is Wandahome South Cave, I have a full timeline of events with embedded documents (copies of emails) I tried to do everything with the dealership on email but didn't record my Blackhorse calls.
  2. I've just read the SAR info, am I right in thinking that whatever was agreed between the finance company, dealership and myself on my account number has to be sent to me. Will I see details of all conversations, documents, files etc ? This could be good information and will show the failures if I am correct. Once I have this information what can I do with it ? Additionally Barclays Partner Finance (rejected motorhome) had a few failings in recouping the money from the dealership who "gave them the run around". If I requested an SAR from them it will show the issues too I suppose. But again what would I gain from this ?
  3. Thanks BankFodder, I am aware of GDPR from my line of work but can you explain what an SAR will achieve in this instance ? I cancelled the previous direct debit and I cancelled the new direct debit when I found out about it, so we actually didn't pay the new direct debit and made transfers over the telephone, to stop the credit being affected. It was Blackhorse who told me that the reason they reopened the direct debit was because the dealership told them we had changed our minds, however they are investigating this so I assume I will get another response when they come back to me. If we re part exchange for a new vehicle we would likely be using Blackhorse again as they are the main finance company in the Motorhome / Caravan world, could this hinder further dealings with them ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, We recently rejected a motorhome which was on finance with Barclays Partner Finance, as part of the rejection the dealership reversed the deal back to the part exchange vehicle and reopened the Blackhorse finance on the part ex vehicle without contest or confirmation from ourselves. They also reopened a direct debit in my name. Can Blackhorse do this even if I have not agreed to it, as soon as the account was reopened (we had a settlement letter from them) we were put straight into arrears which affected my credit rating. We are told the dealership told Blackhorse we had simply changed our minds however this was not the case. Is it legal, moral, right for them to act in this way ?
  5. Thank you for your advice. I think we are going to accept the motorhome back as you say it is a bit of a grey area. I am more concerned at the service provided and the finance being opened in my name again without prior commucation or consent. The part ex offer was £33k and this has since reduce to £31k if we were to take another vehicle. The finance APR rate has increased from 5.9% on the rejected motorhome to 7.9% on the alternative option. This means we stand to lose £2k on the Part Ex price and also £3.5k on the finance option. We have a compliant being investigated with Blackhorse but they have 53 days to respond so this is going no where fast. I am not willing to give the dealership the satisfaction of our business by purchasing another motorhome from them. We may have to part ex our vehicle elsewhere and see if part of the complaint we can gain the lower APR rate. Do you think this seems fair ? Our part exchange motorhome also need a habitation check completing which was required when we owned the rejected motorhome so I assume we can make sure this is completed as they have sold the vehicle back to us again.
  6. According to the Consumer Rights Act you have an entitlement to have your part exchange good return to you. However, there is no indication in the CRA that you are obliged to. How do I present this to the dealership and also the finance company who reopened my account. Do I need to get someone legal into sort this as I feel like I am just saying things but it's not hitting home.
  7. Hi All, I seem to be going around in circles, we part exchanged our 1 year old motorhome for a newer larger model. It was faulty on it's first outing (water ingress and buckled floor) so we rejected within the first 30 days. The dealership accepted this proceeded to reverse the finance on the rejected motorhome. The finance on the first motorhome was settled and complete however the dealership went behind our back and reopened the finance with Blackhorse saying we had to take back the part exchanged motorhome as part of reversing the deal. Is this correct as I can't see how they can reopen finance in my name and reset up a direct debit ? We don't want the first motorhome back and would like our equity so we can go to another dealership and find something we want rather than having to take another motorhome from them which doesn't exactly meet our needs. Citizens advice, the FCA and FO all give different advice and nobody seems to be able to tell me exactly what is correct. We have missed all the bank holidays so far, a weeks holiday we have booked off from work and have ferries booked for our summer holiday, if we don't get this sorted soon we are going to miss a full year of motor homing which is a real shame. The dealership also delayed the payments back to the finance company on the faulty motorhome which put us in arrears and affected our credit, and when they opened the finance with Blackhorse it was back dated so also put us in arrears. Please help I am now getting to my wits end with it all and they are starting to be a bit nasty about it all.
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