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  1. I doubt bailiffs would be able to seize anything. We've had his income and assets summary when he applied for IVA. He claims that he has no assets and moved in with his parents. So our only chance is to trace where the money that we paid has gone. He has been working on various projects, I know for a fact. if he hasn't been paying any bills or suppliers, the money must have been used on something else. And we suspect, that he was buying assets and registering them in his parents name. That's why we need to see historic statements. Would the court allow to req
  2. What about any extra questions that we want to ask? Can they reject our request to attend the questioning? Why did you ask about the judgement amount? Are these decisions value related?
  3. Hi Andy, The judgement is for nearly £9000. Also, if we request to question the debtor personally before a judge, can the court reject our request? Do we need to provide the list of questions beforehand? Many thanks. P.s. apologies if posted the reply twice. I am still trying to figure out how this forum works
  4. Hi all, We have a joint judgement against a builder and his ltd company (company A). He took the money, disappeared, due his commitment with the Army as he claimed and never got back. He did not defend the claim, and has since tried to enter into IVA, as he acquired a large amount of debt in the course of last year. It seems he hasn't been paying any of the suppliers or providers of services. He says in his IVA proposal that he is planning to close his ltd company and now working a a sole trader. We know that he has since registered another company (company B) on his father's n
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