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  1. yes - aware that other posts, but hard to find how they ended?
  2. I wanted to get some advice on it first
  3. ok fair point - I just wanted to remove some detail from the app form I don't think it's clear enough to constitute notice of the PG part at all.
  4. Yes I was, but resigned and left in 2014
  5. hopefully have attached their credit app off their website ( the signed application was scanned and emailed back and I have signed it - I would rather not show here if you don't mind. The application that was signed looks very similar but they have made their PG bit in bold now. (still very small writing however) Trade_Acc_Application_23_09_10.pdf
  6. Dear all, I mistakenly filled in a credit application for Screwfix in 2013 for a trade account (for a company I used to work at). This company has recently gone into administration and I have been sought after to settle the outstanding amount (nearly £1000) - as apparently the credit application doubled up as a "personal guarantee". Their credit app was not clear to me & it was blurred out and photocopied on a number of occasions. (yes I know I shouldn't have signed something I couldn't read) In addition I resigned and left the company in 2014. How can two different legal
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