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  1. Yes that is correct SGT. I have filled it in and sent it to them and they have 14 days to send the deadlock reply. It states on the FO site which I got the letter from that if I dont hear from the I just send it without anymore communication to the FO Hoping I have it right ? I can not see this being resolved by MYJAR and the ping pong emails making a simple request protracted
  2. Hello Granny I have been fighting the same battle for my sister who likewise is mentally unwell. Had some great success by sending where appropriate medical reports and a covering letter. So far a significant sum has been written off. It is very stressful but keep going
  3. After some research I have sent a letter of deadlock to them. It means I can send it to the FO in 14 days Quite simply this has been disgusting behaviour from MYJAR and I refuse to give them my date of birth and address when they have not been asked to send the outcome of the complaint to me.
  4. Thank you for your input DX Yes you are right. I have had no problem with any other financial institution but this one. I have provided everything and have sent them an email stating I will not be giving my details. That they have had passport ID , medical reports and two signed letters giving her authorisation. I made the complaints via her email address as quite frankly its been easier to trawl back through the hideous lending Do I just wait 8 weeks and send to the FO ?
  5. I have been dealing with the financial O and they sent me a form c/o my sisters address which she signed giving me authorisation to deal with her complaints I do not want to give MYJAR my private details. My sister signed the letter giving me authorisation to make the complaint and I have sent photos of her passport and extensive medical reports What should I do ?
  6. Hello all I have been dealing with a number of irresponsible loans lent to my sister who suffers from dreadful mental health that total £40,000 in just a few months One of those is with a payday lender for £400 I put forward a complaint on her behalf and they asked for a copy of her passport and a letter authorising me to make the complaint. I have provided both twice. She has signed the letter that states she gives me authorisation to make the complaint and for the written outcome to be addressed to her by letter to her address I have asked for the outcome of the complaint to be addressed to my sister. However they are being very difficult and asking me for my details, date of birth and address, but I have stressed that whilst I am making the complaint on her behalf and have sent in medical documents that show she is mentally very poorly they keep changing the goal posts and making this very difficult. I have been able to make complaints on her behalf to a number of financial organisations but not come across such a string of emails since the first week of June. They keep changing the requirements and send email responses three to four days later with a new request Is this right because it does not feel so and its just adding to the stress of trying to sort this mess out
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