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  1. I did not receive any paperwork from prosecution until I received a letter from Marston Group in January 2018 chasing me the outstanding balance. I then asked them for my offence details, I was only informed about my speeding offence, nothing about identification of driver.
  2. Hello. I received a letter from Marston Group in January 2018, saying I have outstanding amount that needs to be paid to Court. I made enquiry with them. I was informed I committed a traffic offence in Cheshire in January 2017, and I did not reply to any paperwork posted to me nor attend any Court hearing. I asked them which address did the prosecution post the paperwork to, they gave me an address that I lived in 3 years ago. I update my address with DVLA every time when I move house. This is clearly the prosecution’s fault of not updating their system. Af
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