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  1. Nope it's not a vm device it was a third party device...
  2. Thanks for responce... I have been in contact with action fraud. ... loved my vm connection and would love to get it back. ...i just wish vm would take it to court as it's been passed around different debt Agencies... would like to get this sorted so we can get vm connected again... Vm have a had max credit limit on my account to stop very large bills... even the person at Vm fraud team said he did not understand how the bill could get that much without alerting me that something was happening,, ,£8000 in 3 days thats a lott! looking at my bill its numbers is nigeria and some other numbers that the person prob owns and he calls them to make ££££ the same thing as the dialers in the dialup days but this was not a dialup modem. it was a sipura spa-3000 a voip gateway device..
  3. Hi all I was a virgin media customer for years before someone manages to hack into my connected sipura voip modem device making it dial prem rate numbers and ran up a bill of £8000 in a matter of 3 days somehow bypassing the credit limit on my account. I have sent an email and called vm to try and sort things out to no avail Vm have made us responsible for the bill blaming the third party device and saying I shouldn't have had a third party device on the line? Somehow I think that vm are not telling me everything and that it could be someone inside vm that was the person who made the calls how was my credit limit bypassed?...
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