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  1. no i havent moved. its an old email address so the emails arent particularly bothering me just dont want a ccj raised. but also dont feel its fair paying back what they say i 'owe'
  2. i opened the accounts in 2010/2011 both have been sold to dca i got issued a ccj by default for one of them which i wasnt aware of because i was at uni payment was set too high by the court so i have an agreement with dca for lower amount until get myself sorted my main aim at the moment is to go at the original creditor (shop direct/very and littlewoods) and try and claim some fees back but am clueless how to go about it https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?487902-lowell-backdoor-Cat-debt-CCJ-now-court-bailiffs-how-much-will-this-harm-my-future
  3. Is it possible to reclaim catalogue fees from Littlewoods/Very on accounts over 8 years old now and have subsequently been sold to DCAs? i would like to know if its likely to be successful.... so i can get some money back and use it to pay off some other debts If so i understand i send them a subject access request but i havent' got a clue what the account numbers were etc? any way around this? what do i do?
  4. I defaulted on an old minicredit loan in 2012 and the default is due to drop off in 2 months it's now with opos/kapama I have not paid anything or contacted them in nearly 3 years. ive found a few emails in my inbox about the debt, most recently a few weeks ago telling me it is now in the pre-legal stage they sent me a statement loan amount: £100 interest chsarges: £121 debt collection charges: £100 default charge 1: £25 default charge 2: £50 attempt charges: £685 i've paid £20 towards the debt according to the statement through token payments (sounds about right) but the amount owing is still over £1000 for a £100 loan i'm guessing as the default is dropping off soon this is the moment where they will try anything including a ccj to recoup some monies? especially if they dont hear anything from me. currently trying to sort all my debt problems out so.... what would you reccomend as my next course of action with this?
  5. thankyou for your patience i just have a hard time understanding all this stuff and my constant googling and getting different answers probably dont help i think i understand, please correct me if wrong. so the facts are these... i have a balance of £600 for an old catalogue debt with lowell default was registered in august 2012, will drop off in august 2018 when it drops off in 2 months it will dissapear forever and wont appear in any form whether i dont pay it, make token payments, or agree a full and final settlement? the ONLY way it could ever reappear is in the form of a CCJ if they decide to go down this route? it's their discretion? when i am in position to negotiate a settlement or pay in full... i should keep evidence of this in writing as i won't have any evidence on my credit file to show i've settled the debt?
  6. in part its due to the conflicting information i've got going on in my head from internet searches, forum searches, etc. nothing seems to be 100% consistent the reason i made this topic is because i found it difficult to believe that after the non-paid default drops off your credit file on its 6th birthday, there wouldnt be any subsequent record of some sort on your file. - if you continue to make payments or settlement which is what i intend to do to avoid ccj as best i can which is where this quote i found from another forum comes in and the conflicting info. someone was enquiring about their file similiar to what ive done here and got this response "Basically when the defaults drop off and there have been no CCJs or anything of the sort then all there will be is the notice of record of payments." so there WILL be a record of payments on my file and when the final one is made it will take a further 6 years to drop off my file?
  7. ?? I don't wish to dispute any of the debts mate just want to know about the implication of non-paid defaults and credit file Let me try this another way. Hypothetical example; say I had a defaulted account for a credit card with a DCA that is due to drop off my file in 2021. Lets say I either pay the debt completely or come to a settlement offer in 2019. would this drop off my file in 2021, or would it stay on under closed accounts until 2025 as my last payment would have been in 2019?
  8. payday loan is with the original creditor according to my credit file catalogue has been sold to dca
  9. Hahaa just simply trying to ascertain the procedure for this kind of thing One is a payday loan and the other is a catalogue Not done the CCA from my limited understanding it all seems rather long winded and i am not disputing the debt at all
  10. Thanks for your post. You say brackets are your advise and not official ICO guidelines but in regards to the {the WHOLE ACCOUNT WILL VANISH, never to return} this is the major thing i am concerned with So in August 2018, the defaulted account on my file will dissapear/drop off/not be visible/etc etc yes? however the debt wont be statute barred and i'm not disputing the debt nor have any intention of doing so. So in theory they COULD get a CCJ against me right because the debt will still exist even if its not on my credit file? if so then it becomes a diplomatic conversation between me and the dca to either agree a suitable payment plan or a settlement offer? (so i can avoid a ccj) so if i did either of those things then this wouldnt be reported on my file at all? sorry but i am easily confused and not sure making a new topic will be a good idea, just wanted some general advice. cheers
  11. I have two unpaid defaults from August 2012 and would like some clarity and advice about what to do. I know defaults drop off the credit file after 6 years but what actually happens to my file if the accounts remain unpaid? I know its not the same as being statue barred and i believe i have made a payment to both in the last 3 years or so One of the defaults i am not actively being chased for it and havent been for years The other one I am being chased for but the dca has agreed to give me 30 days to sort myself out (find emoloyment) and has froze the account during this time What I want to avoid is the situation of the defaults dropping off the file, but then they issue a CCJ. And what if I agreed to a payment plan which at the moment would take a very long time to pay off? Eventually the account(s) would be closed but wouldnt dissapear from my file until 6 years after the last payment i made? So is it either not do anything, let the defaults drop off and risk a CCJ? Or come to a payment plan and have it cause problems for another 7-8 years? (1-2 to pay them off, and 6 for it to go from my file?)
  12. Thanks for the words notodebt i aim to be 100% debt free within 2 years. of course i will still have a few defaults, and the ccj (which will be satisfied) but still on the file for a further 4 years at this point but apparently you can still get in the police force as long as the ccj is satisfied https://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.php?/topic/32007-ccj-and-outstanding-debts/ like you said about your history i think the key is always honesty and transparency. you can't hide your financial record, especially from police vetting procedures but i think and hope as long as your 100% completely open about it and explain what you did to rectify the situation, and how you have sorted yourself out, it should be ok fingers crossed anyway
  13. Well I didn't get the claimform in time because I'd been away from parents house for several months whilst at Uni but from my research apaprently this on its own is not a good enough defence to get it set aside. How about if the original creditor agree not to get in the way of a set it aside claim? maybe if i offer full payment and a bit more for their trouble once im in position to do so? will this make any difference or are they not even present at the hearing?
  14. On my credit file it will make no reference to the £50 I am supposedly supposed to pay each months and the "missed" payments? I think when people hear of CCJs they panic because they think the courts are actively pursuing them automatically? I know I certainly did. Where as in reality, it is entirely the discretion of the judgment creditor right? If they wanted to enforce the debt they could pay the court fee and do it. If they couldnt be bothered to do anything and let the debt go, they could do that. The court doesn't really give a toss, unless their getting paid for enforcement? Am I right?
  15. I cant set aside for many reasons. (1) the first payment of £50 is due tomorrow. its been nearly a month since judgement (2) i cant afford the court fee to do this, and to get help you need to be on benefits No I hadnt informed them I had moved....its complex because its temporary moving whilst at uni. I have the claimform and judgment because i popped back to parents house and saw it
  16. Yes, the same one as this; https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?487902-What-is-the-worst-a-bailiff-can-do-re-unpayable-CCJ I don't dispute the debt it's all perfectly fine, I simply hadnt been at my parents address for a few months when all this happened. If I'd have seen the letters in time and made a plan this could have been avoided. Just incredibly bad luck for me
  17. Thanks, I appreciate that Tbh glancing at the form it didn't fill me with confidence even excluding the CCJ factor? "Have you ever been in financial difficulty? If yes explain below and include dates" - my financial history is a complete mess. Defaults, missed payments, (probably 8-10 different accounts). Even if i use the next 6 years to get myself in order, my financial past is likely to come back to haunt me i suspect. Ironically my brother is the same as you, CTC and DV cleared....i'm not sure i'll ever be able to say the same Long story short.....I'd have absoloutely no chance of DV clearance right now and there would be huge doubt in 6 years time too?
  18. Thankyou sgtbush, as much as the realisation of your posts are making me depressed I suppose it's better to face reality now than to live in dreamworld. I'm just looking at a developed vetting questionare and searched for the financial bits; https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/developed-vetting-questionnaire-nsv002 As my CCJ is "only" for £350ish, it will be satisfied within the next year or so i imagine, but it will also be a defaulted ccj as i cant afford the £50 set by the court, and have agreed to pay original creditor a token payment until i get myself sorted. Obviously in any case I would need to get myself completely out of the woods in all departments (defaults, late payments) it seems and build up a sound financial background. maybe having a bit of savings would prove i've "changed" too?
  19. Jesus, I can't believe this. I will have the same chance as a released rapist/murderer of getting certain jobs? (inc one i want) just for a bloody CCJ? Do you happen to have a list of exempt jobs? I couldn't find when I searched just now. It all just comes up with different criminal offences, and I thought CCJ was a civil matter?
  20. Damn, this is worse than I first thought! I just looked at the Greater Manchester Police website for example and their vetting procedure, and even people with unsettled defaults they would ask for the defaults to be settled before they considered employing. But let me get one thing straight sgtbush, sorry but its been a long day and I just want to make sure i fully understand what you are saying.... If my CCJ is going to prevent me from certain jobs and ruin my life for the next 6 years, that is one thing..... But are you telling me that even after 6 years and the CCJ 'dissapears', it could still come back to haunt me? For something like a diplomacy role in the Foreign&Commonwealth office, or any government job? Obviously this will be deep vetting procedure. Are you saying they will be able to see I once had a CCJ and thats it, forever? Surely not? I might aswell have a criminal record then?
  21. In the civil service, or in general? I have 1 more day to pay this off within the time allowed to get it removed.... I am seriously tempted to try and get a loan so I can pay this CCJ off, but due to other defaults (many), my poor credit file, and now the CCJ is on there....its impossible to find anywhere I will get accepted. Getting the money from friends/family even temporarily is not an option Arrrrrgh i feel like my life is ruined because of this thing
  22. Like most things on the internet I've seen a lot of conflicting information about this and was wondering if anyone could actually categorically clarify what the deal is? I've recently got my first ever CCJ and am worried sick about the future and what it could prevent me doing. I don't plan on working in finance, but i've seen things and even topics on here i've searched (from 2012) that suggest it has prevented people from doing jobs you wouldn't think of all because the company performed a credit check. The no mortgage thing isn't a big deal to me, but i'm seriously considering a career in the civil service or the police force and am worried this could be held against me? Some say a CCJ isn't much worse than a default, but it is right? Much worse?
  23. Excellent thanks for the reassurance. In any case they would have to send a letter giving me 7 days notice ahead of the first visit, right? I have quite a few debts with them, this was for the lowest amount. Do you think its likely they purposely chose to pursue a CCJ for this one to see what my reaction would be and if I would immediately pay up? As if I did, I'm sure they would apply a CCJ on the other accounts too to get the money ASAP?
  24. Thanks a lot Andy The creditor is Lowell I know they have a bad reputation but it seemed like the woman on the phone was really genuine, but doesnt mean to say she doesnt have more unforgiving superiors. Yes she said I'll be getting payment plan through the post. I really doubt its going to explicitly state "if you continue this payment plan, we won't enforce the debt" as it would mean I could take over 10 years paying it off haha, hardly worth it for them when they have the CCJ? So £25 to apply for the CCJ, and £77 to enforce it? Thats almost certainly more than they paid for the debt isn't it?
  25. Admin/Mod - I've completely messed that up ^^ Is it possible to recover my original post from above and delete this one. Thanks
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