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  1. Lol no wonder people who work for Lowell get a headache.
  2. GDPR doesn't mean freebies. A subject access request for example, used to be £10, now might be more or less for administration fee, something they deem reasonable, and especially if you keep making unreasonable subject access request after request.
  3. Well... I wouldn't labell Lowell a lowlife. They are just a debt collection agency acting on instructions from their clients.
  4. The address error is because that's what the creditor gave them. The moment you write to Lowell, someone will read your address and take notice on the address discrepancy and manually update it.
  5. All that means is Lowell closed that one account, perhaps sent it back to the creditor who will probably pass it to another debt collection agency, or later pass it back to Lowell again to collect. You will note the letter at no point states you don't owe money, and only goes as far as saying they will close your account--not that it can't reopen.
  6. I'd caution against giving information for reasons I can't go into.
  7. Could it be when you switched you didn't give enough notice? Some contracts say you need to give 30 days or a month's notice in advance or if you cancel your direct debit before this, you still owe money.
  8. A bill is sufficient actually. They are under no obligation to provide phone call recordings, not unless instructed by a Court Order. The onus is not for them to prove this isn't a fradulent case, it's for your father to prove it. Also, when you say you wrote to 3 mobile, do you have written authority from your father for you to act on his behalf? They have bills proving this debt exist, you are alleging your father knew nothing about a contract taken out in 2015. It's difficult to prove this.
  9. You can put in a subject access request, and you will probably get a statement of account. As 3 mobile is categorised as a telecommunications company, they do not need to provide y'know a signed agreement.
  10. They're now Lowell Solicitors. It used to be the creditor passes the 'customer' account to Lowell Group who would instruct Fredrickson International to collect the debt, or Bryan Carter to take it to Court. Then Lowell Group stuffed Bryan Carter and now does it all in house.
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