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  1. I may be wrong.... But I guess they now have to go back to their client and request the documents needed to prove the debt and their decision as to whether to proceed to claim?
  2. I'm thinking that at best all this is doing is biding me some time.. Is it too much to hope that they have lost any original credit agreement?
  3. Updating with latest. Seems like the same response a few others have had.
  4. OK I have today returned the response to the PAP letter 1st class signed for (the standard one on this forum). I have requested copies of all documentation in English. Has anyone received anything further after doing this yet? I realise I made a mistake by giving an email address (it's a seperated one I have created to use for this only) but I haven't provided a telephone number. How hideous a mistake was this?
  5. @DX100 - I have been holding off replying as advised but have received another letter from them today advising that I have 16 days to respond Your advice please?
  6. This was done to me also rgaine. Telephone calls and emails to the Head office of the company I worked for..... About a year ago. I was daft enough to have updated my linkedin profile
  7. Thank you so much for being so kind. Are we saying then that they will more than likely go for a judgement? This particular debt is approximately 13k. The other one looming over me that I have not yet recieved a PAP for is approx 32k. The reality is that in my financial position bankruptcy will be my only option @Andyorch It seems that bankruptcy and international debt is a bit of a grey area. I have found/been given conflicting advice. Some seem to say it would protect me from judgements on these UAE debts and others that they could not be included unless a UK judgemen
  8. OK guys. As a complete lay person here would someone be able to explain this to me in layman's terms, I am really trying to get my head round it. The advice from here is that I must reply to the PAP, using the pdf in the link provided, not Moriarty's forms. The PDF seems to be the same as the first two pages of their form. Having read the PAP info link. It seems that the reason I must reply is that the court would frown upon the fact that I didn't? The other advice is that I should not complete the income/expenditure part of the forms from Mo
  9. Thanks guys. So using the form that you have provided... I am ticking box C to say that I dont know whether I owe the debt, box G to say that I am seeking legal advice and Box I asking for copies of the credit agreement, full summary of account detailing all interest and charges, details of the interest calculation, details of the administration charges, a copy of the notice of assignment and a copy of the judgement obtained in Dubai? Does all that sound right? I was thinking that it might be in my interests to show them my income/expenditure as they will see that I am
  10. Message received loud and clear regarding responding to the PAP using the PDF provided. I am sorry if I am being a little stupid. But I dont think that I can defend the claim. I have just received a call back from the CAB who have advised me that the debt could not be included in Bankruptcy until there had been a UK judgement against me. Moriaty dont currently have my telephone number do I give them this information? Using the PDF, am I ticking box C to say that I don't know if I owe the debt and box I and not providing income/expenditure de
  11. Would you advise not to respond to the PAP letter @London1971
  12. Thank you rgaine. I have to admit... I am utterly bedise myself. Should I ask them to supply copies of everything like the credit agreement?.....
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