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  1. Hi Andy, thanks for the response. It was past the minimum contract period by a good few years. I'd actually moved out of the house a year or so before, but the account was still in my name, and she was paying it. As it was my name on the account, only I could cancel it. I'm about to move again and, until last friday, was considering going back with Virgin Media!! No chance of that happening now.
  2. Good afternoon all, I'm sure you're all busy so I will keep this as short as possible. Was a VM customer for 8 odd years. Had to cancel their services last year as my Ex and I separated and I was moving to a new place. Account was in my name, so I phoned to cancel it. Phone call lasted about 10 minutes as they tried to get me to shift it to the new address etc. They explicitely said "there is no further charges to pay" on the phone. (I have it recorded as an .m4a file.) In fact, we were due a refund. A week or two later, I get a letter (at my new address!) asking me to
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