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  1. Thanks for your help, I assume if it get sorted with Barclaycard then Link shouldn't be reporting either?
  2. Also the Default marker on my credit report has been placed whilst my account is in dispute following the Section 78 request, I didn't think they could do this either?
  3. Shouldn't Barclays have defaulted me in 2011 when I missed 3 or more payments, as all my other creditors did, meaning that it should have dropped off my file in 2017? Also can Link default me as they are DCA's and not the OC? I thought I'd read somewhere that an account couldn't be assigned if it wasn't defaulted first?
  4. I am looking for some advice regarding removal of Arrangement to Pay markers and a default from my credit report. I have an outstanding balance of £3486.90 with Link Financial who took on the account from Barclaycard in February 2015. Barclaycard applied markers to my credit report from April 11 to February 15 when they marked the account as settled, following an SAR it doesn't appear the account was ever formally defaulted. I was on a DMP until recently when I sent a section 78 request to Link and stopped paying. They did not comply with the request and subsequently issued
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