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  1. The letter does not say about £75 been added just this £235 and will be another £110 once bailiff visits
  2. thanks for replying, Yes huge mistake totally regret that now. I'm frustrated that Rossendales don't even give me a clue when bailiff could arrive it could be tomorrow could be in a week. Guess I'll just wait and see. If anyone has ever dealt with Rossendales bailiff could you also advise if they are likely to enter an agreement for half payment now half in a week for instance? TIA
  3. Good Morning, I'm hoping for some advise on here please. I have a liability order with Rossendales for £814 and also signed a WPO/ CGA in January 2018 to agree to a payment plan of £200 per month. Originally, the amount was around £1300. I missed a payment on this and the agent over the phone told me I had to increase this amount to £300 per month or they can't help and would go to an enforcement officer.I agreed (as had no choice) on 1st June I missed the £300 payment. Today, I have a letter from Rossendales to say that no extension/ plan will be agreed and full pay
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