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  1. I also broke my ankle on the 23rd so am at the min not working and I cannot even claim sick pay, hubby has to keep me at the min. what happens if he says the damage is £2000 or more, I suppose im panic stricken now but worst case
  2. if I don't have insurance does he not claim on his own insurance
  3. I don't have the contact details for the guy though that's the prob, I gave him mine and all I have is a letter stating to give to my insurance, don't know how to contact him, all I have is his name
  4. I don't know the damage and I was insured but worst afraid if I go to my insurance they will check find out I was banned and that will void anyway, no police involvement
  5. im near the back end of my ban and have started driving to work, not ideal but found work and the only way to get there was by car, I thought for the last 5 month of my ban it would go by quick with no problems, however I have had an accident, my fault. so ive had an accident while banned from driving. whats likely to happen ?
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