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  1. Hi Andy, Sorry for not coming back to you sooner. We battle on. This was an unusual product and the bank started 'buying people' out of their mortgages and moving them to different products... Screams alarm bells to me. I have found the original T&C of this mortgage - would you be able to look at this and see if there is anything we can use in this fight? Foundations Terms & Conditions.pdf
  2. Morning, I have come across your message regarding Natwest Foundations. My mother is also on this product and wondered if you have had managed to have any luck since your post here in 2013?
  3. Well, this is it! What is my best route of attack with this. Realistically my mother feels that the ppi policy masked as life insurance should have relinquished her mortgage... Secondly, the mortgage agreement itself - it doesn't strike me that it is fair. Joe
  4. Thanks Andy, So I am correct that from 21st March 2016, were bound by the rules of the FCA's MCOBS for this existing mortgage? Surely before this date they must have had some kind of law/act that covered at least some of their responsibilities? What do you make of the fact they cannot find the original mortgage offer or terms and conditions? Thanks Again
  5. Thanks for your response Andy. I can see that the mortgage was un-regulated in 2002 when taken out. However, in 2006 with the amendments to the CCA - does this at that point apply to this mortgage? Or only new mortgages from that date? Best Wishes, Joe
  6. Good Morning, I'm seeking some advice/direction from you for my mother following my fathers death in 2014. Her mortgage started in 2002 and was called a Natwest Foundations Mortgage, it was effectively an arranged credit line that allowed you to borrow up to the value of the property and pay off extra amounts when suited. Natwest withdrew this product and started locking peoples money in, there was widespread complaint online about this. At this time from research, many customers moved to other products offered by the bank however my father insisted he was staying on the product. Still to
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