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  1. I apologise if I am getting some of the terms confused. The OC sold the debt to the DCA. The DCA issued the claim in their own name. The F&F settlement was negotiated with the DCA's solicitor and signed by the solicitor on behalf of the DCA. The F&F payment was made to the DCA.
  2. Andyorch asked "Out of interest how old is this Consent Order ?" More than six years. It appears they failed to comply because they instructed the new solicitor to collect the 'outstanding balance' a month after I complied with the terms of the consent order. The first demand letter the solicitor sent was 5 years later.
  3. Are you saying it is legally binding despite failing to comply with the CPR? Is that because the court would most likely view it as a de-minimus error which could easily be rectified using: Correction of errors in judgments and orders 40.12 (1) The court may at any time correct an accidental slip or omission in a judgment or order. (2) A party may apply for a correction without notice.
  4. I didn't have Legal represensation but used the wonderful breadth of information available from CAG, other websites and a debt advice charity. A relative offered to finance a F&F settlement and they negotiated the terms with the creditor's in-house solicitor. It took about a month to agree terms.
  5. I prefer not to name them yet. However that shouldn't stop anyone reading the thread being helped as they can still understand and learn from the scenarios.
  6. The court case solicitor was the DCA/creditor's in-house bunch. The new one is an independent firm acting for the same DCA/creditor. If I understand it correctly a Tomlin Order is a Consent Order where the Schedule is in a separate confidential document. In contrast mine is headed 'Consent Order' and all of the details and the Schedule are within the same page, therefore it isn't a Tomlin Order. Have I understood the difference properly? When does it matter whether an order is Tomlin or Consent?
  7. Andyorch thanks for clearing that up. Please can we move on to the other topic, my complaint to the solicitor about their actions. Should that continue in this thread or should I post it as a new one?
  8. Whoahh, hold on people, the settlement was almost 7 years ago. I don't think there is any useful purpose in revisiting that aspect now. My initial aim was to get clarity about circumstances in which court action might prevent an alleged debt becoming statute barred. I think that at first I misunderstood the situation but that seems to have been clarified by Andyorch's posts so thank you. The question arose because a solicitor started chasing an 'outstanding balance' of £000's which I couldn't remember related to any debts from several years earlier. The solicitor sent me a copy of t
  9. I'd rather not reveal the name of the DCA but the credit card company sold the debt to them and provided me with a photocopy of the original signed agreement and all the required CCA documentation. I was under enormous stress at the time and it was a relief that a relative was willing to do the F&F deal on my behalf. I didn't think of it as being fleeced or 'had' as it was a tremendous weight off my shoulders.
  10. No holidays at that time I'm afraid, it was very tough for a few years. Is revealing the DCA important for the forum?
  11. Yes it was the same one but I didn't realise it straight away because the demand came many years after I had financial problems and my family helped me settle with various creditors. After a few years my copies of papers were mostly misplaced, some thrown out and some stored away but hard to locate. The demand didn't have much detail, just the solicitors own ref no, original creditor/DCA names and an 'outstanding balance' and offering 30% discount for quick payment. I took advice and sent a prove-it letter asking for details. After 2 months of worry and some sleeple
  12. I didn't ever see a CCJ on my credit files. All I received from the court after agreeing the F&F were two documents. A Consent Order for the creditor and me to date and sign, staying all further proceedings except for carrying the terms into effect. This first doc also contained a schedule of the terms. These were reproduced in the second document headed General Form of Judgement or Order which was stamped with a dated court seal a few days later. It says By Consent It is ordered that 1. All further proceedings in this claim be stayed except for the purpose of carrying
  13. Hello forum, it's my first post. I hope you can help as I have read around the topic but haven't found an answer yet. 7 years ago I was taken to court for a regulated consumer credit debt. The creditor agreed to Full and Final settlement for a reduced amount which was paid by the date specified and receipt confirmed. The F&F agreement was sealed by the court and the hearing date vacated. My credit files were marked as partially satisfied and eventually the entries disappeared. I think I understand that where a court case ends in a ccj any remaining balance owing
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