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  1. Interesting replies, thanks all. Will digest this, won't do anything with G24 just now but will have a read around the ICO and might consider an exploratory letter to DVLA
  2. OK, I'll try. But can I ask why you need the photos? Thanks BD
  3. Hi HB, Permitted free parking (minutes): 120 Your Parking Period (minutes): 146 I'd prefer not to identify the car on a public forum Thanks, BD
  4. For tickets received through the post (Notice to Keeper): 1 Date of the infringement 21 May 2018 2 Date on the NTK 26 May 2018 3 Date received 1 Jun 2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? No Have you had a response? n/a 7 Who is the parking company? G24 8 Where exactly [carpark name and town] Meadow Street Retail Park, Falkirk, FK1 1RP For either option, does it say which appeals body they o
  5. Thanks dx100uk for replying so quickly. No you're right it doesn't say 'fine', and I haven't responded. Uploaded scan as well as a response to the NTK form you linked to. If there's a better format let me know.
  6. Hello CAG members I wonder whether anyone could help? I recently received a parking charge notice from G24 that refers to a date roughly three weeks into May for the car park outside B&M Stores in Falkirk (Scotland), with an issue date a week after. The car park is free but timed seemingly to 2 hours and in this case a 20 minute overstay has been flagged. I haven't as yet responded. Although I own the car, the driver, a gentle and vulnerable person who pays their taxes and wouldn't bother a fly, could easily have picked this letter up before I did, which really bot
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