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  1. Ok - Thank you Andyorch, BankFodder, dx100uk!! I shall email them requesting what the texts relate to. Obviously without admitting anything - and take it from there - on here Quick question - if I had informed them that the debt was indeed 'Statute Barred' - when it was not technically so - would that not 'reset the clock?' as I am admitting the debt and its accompanying timeframes?
  2. Thank you Andyorch! I shall send them an email now, and will report back here on any response . As there could be others in my predicament. Thanks again Andyorch - truly appreciated
  3. Hello there! Hope you can help/advise on what I should do! I have been working abroad for last 6 years, and have recently returned, in Feb 2018. I have since received a few texts from PRA Group, to contact them – of which I have not made any contact. I can only think this is related to a defaulted payment on my MBNA credit card, which had, as far as I remember, a couple hundred quid outstanding (yeah, completely forgot about that!) I have, on my return, moved to a different part of the country, and have registered on local electoral roll, updated address on HMRC, Cou
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