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  1. Hello, Just wanted to give a quick update, as annoyingly on some of these threads people ask for advice, get it, but don't tell you how it concluded, and i didn't want to be one of those people, after all the help and advice i was given. One account out of the six accounts that IDEM had, appeared to be a valid CCA, the others fake, on making no payments to IDEM for six months, they agreed to settle at a 70% discount, this was paid on the understanding that it was settled with a zero balance and would not be sold on to another DCA in the future. Some will think i need not have paid anything at all on the accounts without a CCA, but it was my choice to settle at this amount and i feel pleased i have, this way should(i know unlikely) a valid CCA crops up sometime in the next six years i would be liable for the full balance, this way it is now done and dusted. Thanks for the advice given by this site, i for one am happy with the outcome. Thank you!
  2. I have uploaded them hopefully you can click on the link if i have done it correctly, there are 4 pages listed under credit agreement /terms of use and 17 pages for the generic version of which i have uploaded. I have stopped paying them for only the last two months, it is no longer on my credit file. As mentioned before it contains a more recent address rather than the one when i took out the application, and states £12 charges for going over limit when i paid £25/£35 I look forward to receiving some advice, Thanking you in adance. idem.pdf idem1.pdf idem2.pdf idem3.pdf
  3. Hello, I have requested from IDEM my CCA, initially they said they could not find it, i stopped making payments, they have since sent me an application for the cards i took out, dated 1993 with my signature on it, and what appears to be a generic copy of a CCA listing terms and conditions, it has a newer address on this(not the one at time of application) and it states term such as a £12 charge if i go over my credit limit, which i did do in the past but was actually charged £25/£35 ( i believe the lower charge of £12 came in around 2006) therefore what i really want to know is this classed as a valid CCA or are they trying it on?
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