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  1. First of all, thanks to all that have replied offering advice, much appreciated. I spoke to the solicitor today about the length of the hire and he said he'd contact Enterprise regarding that. I then asked what would be the outcome if the courts decided I did have the means to afford the hire car myself and he basically said if that was the case they wouldn't pursue that avenue through court, and that as I had a credit card with a zero balance on it, I shouldn't bother sending the rest of my finance details as that would probably be the case. He also pretty much repeated what SuperVillain has said in that once in the hands of solicitors it usually comes to an agreement and hardly goes to court. Fingers crossed this is the last I hear of it.
  2. The main issue I have with this at present is that they're claiming I had the car for 11 days, and I actually had it for 7.... Apparently car hire firms have a code of conduct and Enterprise have certainly broken the code a couple of times here.
  3. The insurer was One Insurance Limited, The repairer was AW Repairs in Sleaford. The whole thing happened over a year ago but as I recall, I got a phone call from the insurer a few hours later, I don't think I ever got any letters from them. The next contact was from the repairer. I got the first letter from the solicitor a few months back with no details apart from the insurer was refusing to pay for the vehicle hire. The most recent one goes into more detail and the bill is close to £1000 The things is now I've read through the paperwork I'm noticing little things, like the hire company (Enterprise) are claiming 11 days hire, which isn't correct as I was on a course on the other side of the country and picked the car up on a Saturday and dropped it back on either the following Friday or Saturday. More digging is required I think, although I'm annoyed that I'm having to do it..... And more anoyed that none of these places are open on a weekend so I've got to fume until tomorrow.
  4. Hi guys, Google has brought me here as it appears a few of you have had similar issues to the one I'm having. Car crashed into back of mine while I was stopped at lights, guy accepted responsibility and his insurer contacted me to arrange repairs (Well, actually their repairer contacted me, I never once heard from the insurer as I recall) They also arranged a replacement vehicle for me which I assumed to be a courtesy car but in fact, as I now know, turned out to be a credit hire. I'm now getting solicitors letters because the insurer is now refusing to pay out for the car and I, like a few others here, have been asked to provide bank statements and credit card bills to aid recovery of the money. I'm confused how this is anything to do with me bearing in mind I had no involement in any of the arrangements and as far as I'm aware, sued the services approved by their insurer. P.S. I've spoken to my insurance who gave me a big "Not my problem"
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