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  1. Hi Bankfodder, The designers/planners work for Howdens, so it's all under the Howdens umbrella. Best
  2. Hi Bankfodder, I hope you're well? My specification was limited to simply what colour and kitchen I required. The layout and measurements were collected and compiled by the designers/planners. It was all agreed via e-mail. It was only when issues came up and looked closer that Inoted from the screen grabs that the planer software was reporting dimensional issues. Thank you. Hammy1962 - This isn't about getting a free kitchen. My thread title clearly indicates my concerns around interest charges during a Section75 claim. If its any consolation; I did smile at your comme
  3. Howdens kitchen designers/planners.
  4. So Howdens recommended an installer which we used. The plans were incorrect which led to issues and the finish. The problem we had was with what we was promised in terms of design, colour and quality. There was no issue with the installation. Again, can't say it enough but thank you today and putting up with my questions.
  5. Thank you very much for today, BankFodder. You of course make some very valid and interesting points on this which of course I take on board. My final question is; Consumer rights act - would you not consider me to be outside the time limit to make a complaint? Again, thank you very much for today. Best.
  6. Taken on board, BankFodder. - can you maybe elaborate on your thoughts on this? Agreed and with how long this has gone on for, I do feel that Howdens isn't at the forefront. As I said, I understand what you are saying but this doesn't excuse MBNA's duty of care to resolve complaints in a timely and just manner? After all, they are jointly liable for this debt under the credit agreement (not that they have provided it). Before this became about MBNA, my only request from Howdens to put things right or return my money. With MBNA, as I have expressed to them, I want my def
  7. BankFodder, I do honestly appreciate your time. I really do. The title of this thread is, "Interest Charges during Section 75 claim". That is, in my view, the forefront of the whole issue at this precise moment in time. Howdens or indeed, "consumer remedies" (consumer rights), are not going to force MBNA to acknowledge or act upon the Section 75 request I have made. At a high-level. How can a credit card provider ignore my section 75 requests but still charge me interest and then when that complaint is escalated to the FoS, and in due process, apparently default with the correct cor
  8. P.S I didn't bother with the furniture ombudsman as I felt the Section75 route would hold more clout and rigor. So as per my post were I outline the timeframes, I reported this to MBNA who failed to act to my claims and phone calls.
  9. BankFodder, Sincere apologies on this. I do appreciate your time.... "You decided to buy some products from Howden's." Yes and fitting. "You paid about £3000 on a credit card " Yes. "you specified certain requirements and Howden's failed to supply the products that you needed." Yes and fitting. "Did you keep the products?" Yes I did. Due to the poor design, there was a surplus of items that I returned. "Did you return the products?" No. I still have the kitchen. How did you make your complaint? What is the response? (I know
  10. Hi BankFodder, No. It's no secret that Howdens supply and fit kitchens. That is the issue here. It is not what I was promised in terms of colour nor fitting. Thanks.
  11. "This involves a contract with Howden's – the kitchen furniture suppliers et cetera. Is that correct" Yes, that's correct. They were not interested and directed to the furniture ombudsman. My understanding is, regardless of this, I can claim a section75 without going through any form of Ombudsman or third party complaints but directly to MBNA. "Also, do I understand that you have had a response to your SARicon and they say they don't have anything?" As I said, they denied my subject access request stating that I didn't sign my request, which I believe I do not have to. My co
  12. Hi dx100uk, Thank you for getting involved. Can I ask where you are getting that info from? As I said before to BankFodder, but looking at the FCA handbook (which seems to be down) the sub section in regards to disputes states that any debt in dispute should be set aside? Hope all else is well with you.
  13. "so we don't have to waterboard you to get the fine detail" :-) Thank you for the fantastic and timely response, BankFodder. Really appreciate it. Just a side note, I have managed to get a default and associated 'flags' removed from my time at Uni back in 1999-2003. My mobile contract with Orange had come to a close and they hadn't closed down my contract properly whilst porting my number across. I had a default on my account for 1p!! As I was pretending to be a hardworking student and moving around 'digs', I dind't get any of the correspondence.. anyway I digress. For this
  14. Afternoon All, I hope everyone has having a lovely bank holiday. When someone has a moment, I would very much appreciate some advice and direction with a credit card complaint. I've genuinely looked for a similar thread/question, as to not to waste anyone's time, but there doesn't appear to be anything (which is surprising). at a high-level, over the course of 2 years or so, I raised a couple of Section 75 claims with my credit card company; both for the same issue. On the first occasion, I submitted my claim via e-mail as per their direction of the CC, I got a confirma
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