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  1. Attended the CMD in person. The Default Notice was Produced. Judge ordered a full hearing. Decided to just pay off the debt. Agreement made. End of endless Court appearences and now feel alot better. Thanks for all information about laws ect. But going to court every other day just isnt for me. Thread closed
  2. so if i do not go will I LOse the case? Are emails Unacceptable at a CMD? when i was there last there was a similar case before and the judge had read his emails to see why the person in hand did not attend. I assume this is a normal procedure. thanks
  3. Hi have CMD tomorrow but i cannot attend due to other commitments. I have composed an email response for the court and will send to the sheriff . this is how it reads so far. i know that its best that i attend, but this will be the third time and i just cannot make this hearing. I would be grateful if the following message could be forwarded to Judge xxxxx or to whom ever will have charge of my case on the 30th October. I am Unable to attend due to other commitments, regretfully. I must object to the claim that no default notice is required,and hold to my statem
  4. Update of events from Yestardays court CMD. Arrived at court Different Judge this time around. Seemed to explain things a lot more than the last one. So I plucked up my courage and Said exactly what you had written for me. The locum didn’t know what to say when queried over the Default notice and asked for more time. The Judge said that they should be given 1 more chance in the Intrest of Justice to produce the document. And asked if I agreed, I told the judge that I had already asked for this previously. But his decision was to have yet one last cmd on the 30th
  5. HI. Got my CMD meeting on Friday. And although I am great full for the insight into bullying solicitors and their wolfs. This is a very serious matter when the court of law is involved with my self. Very stressful going to court, even if does seem easy for others. I am hoping for a good outcome at the following CMD and will use the statement provided by DX. If after what I say has no effect on the judge or I get outwitted in some way, I will end up going for the easiest option, and that will be to pay the outstanding bill. At least this way the matter will be closed and
  6. Thanks again for your feedback. Received another letter. But not a good one.. It will depend on the day i guess 01_10_2018 15_19 Office Lens.pdf
  7. Im sure that i uploaded this allready. thanks MERGED T&C.pdf
  8. Yes. I understand that the default notice is not supplied. But will it matter, if the judge did not ask for this. Why did the judge not ask for this to be supplied with the other docs. Forgive my lack of knowledge in dealing with this. Kind regards
  9. This is the letter i received after the CMD meeting a/Copy of the Original contract between the respondent and capital one = YES b/Copy of the assignation of the debt = YES c/Copy of intimation of the assignation on the Respondent =YES d/A statement of account = Yes I see all the above has been supplied. Do i have any other options availiable to me now. Thanks DX 4 evidence by judge.pdf
  10. Sorry for taking so long to add the response letter i have received. It is to have another CMD meeting with both parties. As the 1st CMD didnt go to well , now the Nolans sols have many pieces of evidence for the case against myself. Will i just admit nothing and ask for the default notice that has not being produced. again sorry about delay . cmd merger.pdf
  11. Hi sorry for delay . Will update tommorrow on all new letter i have received. I have another Case managment to attend Next month Thank you
  12. Hi again. I have received more documents and would appreciate some help and advice on these. There are a few to upload. Some are new forms from Nolan. And also evidence with various files with credit card agreements ect. Alot of files. Thanks for any assistance DX. Appreicated very much. Will upload as much as i can. I also have a response form to fill out. But with this list of evidence that i have received , i am looking for my response when i have to go back to court. How to i defend my self with all this evidence. If you don't mind reading through and helpi
  13. Hi. Arrived at court , was more of a room full of other people with simple procedure claims. I was first up, I was very nervous and didn’t get across everything I should have said correctly, but I don’t think the judge was interested in what I had to say and did not agree with what I did say. No Nolan’s appeard, just a Sherriff rep i think stating that I had asked for a CCA, but have not yet received yet from capital one and Cabot. Judge gave them 2 months to produce 4 documents, And if not produced case will be dismissed. will upload the letter once I receive the document list
  14. i have uploaded my response in single pdf files per page from my reply form, the most relevant pages. I downloaded it from my sent emails, and then printed it out on the printer and have taken pix of it. thanks sent form 4a.pdf
  15. Hi DX The form that i sent to both the court and Nolans has all my per's details and case reference number, i just removed those with xx-xx-xx when i uploaded the PDF file to this site. Can i ask, are you able to the view my PDF files on your home computer or laptop, as that is the only way i can see any information, nothing appears on my phone or tablet oddly. If the form that i sent was blank, would the court not ask me to resend it, Also the fact that i was asked to attend a CMD means that the form must have had at least some information on it.
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