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  1. yawn. Too many armchair egos here. Thanks Mr P for replying actual legislation. Moderators, please feel free to delete this thread. It's just another in a long list where the usual CAG egos offer opinions with precious little actual factual legislation.
  2. Sangie is a 'she'? To everyone else, thank you for your replies. I still don't think it's right that I can be forced to have something injected into my body against my will just to keep a minimum wage job, but you all seem to have no problem with it, so I guess I must be in the wrong. I'll keep looking online....
  3. Joking aside, it can't be right that after 3 years work I can be forced to have something stuck into my body that goes against my protected religious characteristics or lose my job, when it's not in my original contract? What next in years to come? Maybe drivers will need enforced GPS embedded in their necks to track their movements, and if we disagree - sacked? Thin end of the wedge.
  4. Thanks Mr P for some helpful and non-judgmental advice - eminds me why CAG used to be alright.
  5. My point is there's nothing in my original employment contract about having vaccinations. He's now saying it's a condition of employment after the event. I point blank refuse to have this injection. When he tells me in anger "You're fired" and I take it to ET, who's going to win? (And as much as I appreciate your opinion on it I can get opinions down the pub, do you please have any legislation to ease my concern) Thanks
  6. Just the basics if anyone has any experience here please: I work for a private sub-contractor providing transport logistics, servicing the NHS. I come into no contact with patients or healthcare professionals, but do have to move equipment that has been in hospitals. I don't want to have a HepB injection. I was told by my line manager that as a 'duty of care' issue they can 'force' me to have the injection. I refused. My objectionable manager took great delight in telling me this will be gross misconduct. Despite the confrontational language used, I imagine the
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