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  1. Thanks for answering. Yes, the deadline will be the second week in June for the 2 month anniversary since I started so I hope to have my copy of the contract my then. I was slightly worried that I would be fired if I refuse to do overtime (even though I have showed willingness by doing more than my share of it.)
  2. Hello, looking for some advice please. I'll try and keep this as short and to the point as I can given the complex circumstances! I started a new job last month & my contract (that was advertised in the job description is 35hrs per week Monday to Friday.) But my line manager (not my 'overall' manager), who interviewed me for the job said at the time that occasionally there will be weekend work i.e. if there are small events on and I said to him verbally, that's fine. However, since I started just over one month and a half ago, I've currently worked three weekends (Saturdays - not consecutively) without kicking up a fuss and I've just been informed by my 'overall' manager, that I'll be working the next three weekends in a row (meaning 6 days a week!) She seems to just automatically put me and others on without even asking us or conversing, which I find annoying and out or order. To further add insult to injury, I've not been asked, but been told that I've to work an extra one hour next week (on top of next Saturday's 8hr shift) which means that will be 13hrs overtime in one week! I actually have things planned for the next three weekends she's asking me to work coincidentally. Important to note: I have not been given a copy of my contract despite asking when I first started for a copy, to which my immediate manager said "what do you want a copy of your contract for?" and I replied so that I know my legals rights etc. I'm sure this would possibly mention the overtime coverage (if any) but the only thing I have to go by is a copy of a staff handbook that mentions overtime but says 'refer to your contract of employment'. So, my question to everyone is, do you think I am within my rights to say no to all this overtime at weekends especially when I don't get any advanced notice of a weekend shift coming up? Sorry for the long message. Thanks
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