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  1. Yes they had a copy of the agreement my partner had signed in Dubai
  2. A guy came to the home address and caught my partner unawares and served it on her Guys sorry ive been away for quite a while, a member of my family is very ill. The latest is this, our second court hearing was adjourned, saying we need to get a UAE law expert in to help decide if the UAE law is enforceable for this debt in this country. From what ive read and researched this doesnt seem the case but they are now trying to pressure us into making a settlement payment including a contribution to their costs !!!. We dont have the money to pay for a law expert or the
  3. Many thanks for posting this, i was aware of the "MOG" but hadnt seen before the description in detail that you have posted with it. Shall look into this further.
  4. Can’t seem to open the link you sent (forbidden?)
  5. So the latest is this. It seems that this all boils down to whether the UAE statute law is enforceable in a UK court of law, whilst there is no reciprocal agreement there is whats called a memorandum of guidance which is designed to help the UAE in these matters. As of yet it has not been tested in a court of law and the problem we have is that this seems to be uncharted waters and seems like it would depend on the Judge. Thoughts please guys
  6. On speaking to our solicitor he feels that this isn’t enforceable but is not straight forward, could really do with advice from anyone who’s has been through this as I too am sure this isn’t enforceable but can’t find anyone who knows this law to argue the fact as of yet
  7. So latest is this, My partners court date was brought forward to last week and we were abroad so she was represented by counsel in her absence. CWD produced a document from a “UAE law expert” who argued that this debt is enforceable in a UK court of law. We are still currently away and have since received another email with a significantly smaller settlement figure of 24k. solicitor is currently away but this very quick greatly reduced settlement figure has me wondering if they are chancing their arm ? After the first hearing my initial question to our solicitor was the va
  8. Just a quick update So we applied to for a set aside to be instructed and we have now received a court date for early September (our first appearance). Will let you all know how this goes in due course.
  9. Hi We hired a solicitor who submitted the Set Aside with an accompanying letter stating that we didnt recognise the debt that they were stating. You can do this yourself, if you look earlier in this thread someone has posted a link to the set aside form you need to fill out. We only hired a solicitor as my partner (who the action is against) is a real worrier. If it was against me i would have done it myself up to the point we are at now. Will keep you posted on all developments from here on in.
  10. Just a quick update, we have set aside the SD that CWD sent us so we are now waiting for the next move.
  11. Is it worth me contacting the Court and seeing if the SD has been lodged with them thus seeing if this is genuine, or is that not possible.
  12. I will definitely keep you posted, we have scheduled a meeting with a solicitor (as my partner is still worried) to go through this. The meeting should be within the next 10 days so once that’s taken place I will report back. Thank you everyone for your help advice so far.
  13. Many thanks for your input dx. We have sought some legal consultation as my partner is still worried so i will let you know what the outcome is after this.
  14. Ive pieced together as best i can the remains of the demand, my partner was rather angry with the guy that served it and her immediate reaction was to tear it up SD.pdf
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