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  1. I wasn't saying that was the route I was going to choose, I was just curious to see if unrecorded would still be accurate in your opinion. Which, although morally you don't agree - theoretically it is right?
  2. But my point is that it is recorded, I have the Australian Certificate proving this. does that not count because it's not within the UK? I presume it's only fair then that Copart resell the vehicle on for me, again as unrecorded?
  3. I believed this as I’ve never known the company sell imported vehicles and I buy 100’s per year and have done for over a decade. I didn’t read the additional information on the lot, I accept that and it’s a mistake that’s probably going to cost me 20 grand or more. My argument is the vehicle was sold as unrecorded, meaning it has no bad history. Yet it was recorded in Australia as a vehicle which is not fit for the road. Which either Copart or the seller using them to move his vehicles did know.
  4. Thanks very much. Just so people know, I purchased the vehicle at the end of October. The whole situation would've come to light much sooner had I been able to get ahold of the speedometer. The vehicle was paid for by debit card and the repair work carried out was done with new genuine parts from the dealers.
  5. Hi, i'm looking for some advice on where I stand with regards to a vehicle purchased at a online Copart Auction please. The vehicle was advertised as Unrecorded and in the additional information stated that it was an import, it has never been UK registered, additional charges may apply to register in the UK and it's history cannot be guaranteed. There was no mention of where the vehicle was imported from, so was extremely difficult to trace back any history. I purchased the vehicle believing it to be a UK car, it was right hand drive and sold through a UK company. It was only
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