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  1. So, yes, they have physically written to me in France. And do I answer, and if so, ?
  2. So, I have had a response. Letter says "Thank you for your communication regarding the PCN. The time to challenge the charge has now expired and therefore access to an Independent Appeals Service is no longer available. However, if you would like to discuss your communication with one of our operatives, please telephone XXXXXX. Alternatively, the outstanding balance of £120.00 can be paid using the options on the bck of this letter. Please note that any correspondence that does not provide further evidence will be noted and retained. I cannot guarantee that we will provide
  3. Sorry, looked again at the 8th post in the list and on the stickies (no 8). Baffled.
  4. Sorry, Im obviously incredibly stupid. Do you mean there is a template on POST 8 (8th post down in the list) or sticky?
  5. So, How would I word a letter to them then. What information do I include?
  6. Thank you all. Didnt sleep a wink last night. So, because of daftie's stupidity Im going to curtail his beer activity for a week as punishment. Thanks guys.
  7. hello both, thanks for replies - I had to go lie down for a while, my heart was thumping and Ive had an awful day and came home to this letter. The offence took place in the Roadchef carpark at Rownhams South services in Southampton on 2/2/18. The Parking Company is CP Plus Ltd, and the debt recovery letter is from DRP Ltd. My husband was driving a vehicle registered in my name and meeting the prospective new purchaser. The vehicle was sold and the logbook changed that day. Ive never received any earlier correspondence regarding this matter, as I no longer live in the UK
  8. Hello all, Thanks for allowing me here to post. I have just received today in the post a forwarded letter from DRP Debt recovery Plus ltd. I have been living permanantly in France for over 6 months. The letter refers to a Notice of Intended Court Action re an alleged unpaid parking fine on 2/2/18 at Roadchef Rownhams South (the motorway services in Southampton). Apparently, the driver remembers he stayed more than the free 2 hrs - just didnt think to get a ticket or mention it to me. GGGRRR. The vehicle was registered to me, but not driven by me on this date, and I had no knowle
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