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  1. I have no seizures at all. Just one reaction to some medication after my could bladder operation. Where I had like an weird episode... I had n EEG as a safety precaution about 2+ years ago and it was completely normal..one their medication was changed which was only two week prescription i was fine. Im fine to drive i take my current medication at bed time.
  2. Thank you. I've generally had no seizures . I don't see my g.p very often I've not needed to. The only episode I had was a reaction to an drug addmindtered for septicimea two years after my could bladder ruptured. I'm not concerned about The seizure allegations as I can prove that part. I'm concerned about the medication as people are saying the law has changed on this
  3. Hi. I have just received a letter from DVLA requesting I fill in the fitness to drive from. The form itself is all to do with seizures ect. I don't suffer any? It's very hard to fill in. It was a third party (my ex ) as he has been arrested for malicious and harassing communications ect. My health is this: high blood pressure : two slipped spinal discs and wear and tear in spine: tachyicadia.This is what my doctor has orescribed: Lisinipril for bp . Citalapram for heart speed : baclofen for muscles : tramadol as and when required. Based upon all this information are DVLA likely
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