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  1. Hi, **GREAT NEWS** I've received a response from Lidl today after writing a letter to the CEO and my ticket has been canceled. They have taken in light of my comments and requested Athena to have this charge canceled. My comments regarding their parking restrictions have been noted and passed to the relevant department. Thanks to everyone for your support input, guidance, and cooperation in getting this issue resolved I really appreciate.:-D
  2. Oh figures, thanks for your corrections its just that I'm so furious about this whole thing I really appreciate. Ldee247
  3. So would I rather be harsher than show some leniency for them to consider my facts?
  4. Point taken, reading the previous post some people are stating they are working hand in hand with LIDL which is confusing who they are..... So anyway what are your final thoughts on my draft if it need be can re-edit.?
  5. Oh okay, well Anthea is the parking enforcement ANPR Ltd issuing parking charges on behalf of LIDL. Thanks for the point of correction on the valued and loyal customer I'll edit likewise
  6. Should I rather state and say As a valued and loyal customer this is unfair and kindly ask you to tell Anthea to cancel the charge as I'm not sure who Anthea is
  7. Hi Dragonfly1967, here is the rough draft I created not sure if it makes sense... Lidl UK GmbH 19 Worple Road Wimbledon London SW19 4JS Dear Mr Ronny Gottschlich (CEO) Re: Parking Charge Notice xxxxxxxxxxx My vehicle was parked in the car park of your xxxxxxxxx on Tuesday 8th May 2018, store while the driver was doing their shopping (receipt enclosed). While they were shopping they inadvertently overstayed their welcome., As a result of this, the company you've instructed to look after your car park has issued a penalty charge without any consideration of t
  8. Thank you very much for the prompt reply and tips on how to approach this issue. I'm going to use few bits and bobs from the template I posted above and other forum Success posts. I really appreciate for your support and heads up, thanks once again.
  9. My apology I must have read the post in a panic rush. I need your help if any guidance template is available on how to address this to the LIDL head office to make sure I get things the correct way I would really appreciate. Also, in the meantime should I not worry about appeal to Anthea as the 14 days time window runs out on the 24/5/18? regards
  10. Hi, I went into LIDL today and had a word with shop manager regards the PCN, apparently, he told me there's not much he could do and the best advice to ring ANTHEA and explain and ask them to cancel the ticket since I'm a genuine LIDL customer. He told me if they refuse my best bet will have to ring LIDL customer services and ask them to get the ticket canceled by Anthea since I have till receipt. I have a feeling Anthea might turn down or reject my request on this scenario. Upon searching info online I have come across 2 people who claim to say they have successfully had their tickets
  11. Hi, Honeybee13 Thank you for your response, herewith is the further information you requested regards the PCN. I have also scanned and uploaded the NTK to clarify the question regards schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act which I don't seem to locate. Hope the information I furnished is good enough. Regards Ldee247 PCN LIDL22.pdf PCN LIDL1.pdf 1parking draft.pdf
  12. Hi guys, I received a PCN through the post yesterday 13/05/18 to a civil parking charge notice from Athena ANPR as I overstayed at a LIDL car park. The car park was free for 90 minutes. I overstayed by 50 minutes Entered park: 08//1 at 09.24 Exited park: 08/5/18 at 11:44 I received the PCN yesterday (13/5/18) I have now been charged £90 and told that I will only pay £45 I'd I pay within the next 14 days by this date (24/5/18). I have been sent a letter with photos of my vehicle to prove. I did shop at LIDL on the day, and have the till receipt with me.
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