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  1. Interesting. I have the same letter from ParkingEye, declaring discontinuance, but no accompanying form to be signed. I am finding it hard to believe that the case would proceed, given that PE has sent this letter.
  2. SP - The signs say: "Failure to comply with the terms and conditions ...etc" and "which are set out in this notice" (in the small-print). Where are they? Nothing on the sign is labelled "Terms and Conditions".
  3. Hi SP - just to let you know what I have found out about this car park. A couple of months ago I revisited the site, and discovered the following. 1. PE only has cameras and signs covering the 'inner sanctum' (nearest the shops). 2. The outer sanctum around the edge has no surveillance. No signs or cameras. 3. There is free passage from the inner to the outer and vice versa. The perimeter fencing is incomplete. The upshot of all this is that PE has no way of determining where you parked - inner or outer sanctum, so has no evidence that you have incurred any charges.
  4. Yes, I went through all that, but then my defence was too long to be accepted on the MCOL website, so I had to email it. I've done everything I was supposed to do. Regarding my next move, I am now waiting to see whether I receive an N180 from the court.
  5. I can log in to the website, but then it invites me to respond to a particular claim. It is rejecting the claim number/password provided on the claim form, so I can't get in.
  6. mcol? Sorry, don't know what that is. Yes, I hope so! But why would they submit an N180 yesterday?
  7. While I am waiting for an N180 from the court, it might be worth mentioning that I will be in the Portishead area again next week. I'm anxious for advice on what sort of on-site checks I should do to build up my evidence base? Yes, sorry. I've just started doing that.
  8. I see. So does this imply that they are already prepared to find a compromise solution? Or are they just pretending?
  9. ScarletPreacher - any developments? I've just received a photocopy of PE's form consenting to mediation, but without any accompanying letter or message I've no idea what I'm supposed to do with it. I have one or two suggestions, but ...
  10. Would some kind person be good enough to summarise the errors PE make regarding location of their signage, please?
  11. (Lidl, Travelodge, Subway), Harbour Road, Portish Originally Posted by ScarletPreacher "You should do as you're told, regardless if it is lawful or not " ? Which ties in with the fact that on their signage you are told there will be a £100 charge for failure to comply with their T&Cs (contract). That implies that the £100 charge is not one of the T&Cs, or a part of the contract, but rather is what you have to pay for breaching the contract. So yo
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