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  1. I got a letter through the post today from the Manchester BRCP. As stated, I can't post a pdf or anything but the organisation do have a website (just google manchester brcp) The letter has my personal details at the top and a line stating that "On this date you were involved in an incident concerning dishonesty/ criminal damage/ violence/ verbal abuse/ anti-social beahviour (Circle as appropriate) [dishonesty is circled]" Underneath that there's a box and that states "DETAINED FOR THEFT" It goes on to state: "A record of this incident/ offence has been retained by the b
  2. Thanks for all the responses, they've really reassured me. It was a stupid and wrong thing that I did and certainly won't ever even consider it again. Pretty disgusted with myself and am finding it hard to look my wife (who I haven't told) in the eye. I'm hoping this will pass as I hate keeping things secret from her. I've had a bit of a google and it looks like a firm called VSG do a lot of work with B&Q, security-wise. I desperately hope so. There was a B&M near where I used to live and they had photos taken from their security cameras offering
  3. Thanks for your response. Jjust to clarify, they can't/ won't contact my employer, can't/ won't ban me from every shop in the city centre and can't/ won't email my photo to all those shops? It's ironic as I always used to like gawping at the photos they publicised of shop lifters in the entrance to a particular shop near where I used to live but now I'm terrified that the same will happen to me or that shop assistants in all the shops that I frequent (some of whom I know) will all see the photo of me and know I tried to steal.
  4. Got caught stealing today (£20 worth). Horribly ashamed of myself. Got taken in to a little room by 2 store detectives and there was another already in there. As soon as I was stopped, one of them noticed my works ID round my neck and removed my pass which had my details on it. The paperwork was completed quite quickly and as seems to be the norm on here, no police were called, I received a letter banning me from all B&Qs and told that my details would be passed on to the civil recovery people who would send me a fine (which I shall ignore, yes?). However,
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