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  1. Just desperately trying to get my money back, after all I am entitled to a refund within 28 days. If they catch me, I will just explain this. No need for patronising.
  2. Not to avoid scrutiny but to avoid being recognised as banned from stores, i.e. being able to go into a store... As for internet orders, they are being returned by post. Asking for a postal refund for the items bought in stores is quite optimistic IMHO. They don't do it even under normal circumstances...
  3. It is great to have good friends whom you can rely on! Perhaps, if I had, I would not have got myself into this mess... As for acquaintances... all from respectable background, would not even dream of asking them. If I do, I would be left without any friends AND acquaintances. Looks like I have to chance it - perhaps, in a further away small store without security staff. Would anybody here risk it?
  4. Hello chaps, I am afraid I got myself in a situation. I will skip the emotional stuff and try to be factual. I managed to develop an online shopping addiction, which resulted in high volume of returns to the stores hence security started watching me. I was detained on exiting a TKMaxx store on allegations of a theft (worth 35 quid) and fraud for replacing price tags on 2 items. Never had incidents or a CR before. I was given a 12-months store ban and the police was called to take details but still waiting for a voluntary interview date. I was told that the theft was not too ba
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