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  1. Hello, thanks both, in the particulars of claim I have stated that “I believe that interest should be added as awarded and calculated by the judge” I think I may have messed up and not worded it correctly and said I wish to claim statutory interest under section etc? my ex partner stole my daughters settlement money of £8k and I had to start civil action, s he stole the money in May 2017 as that is when it was awarded I claimed for the £8k and then asked for a judge to award interest as she had missed out on it being in a junior isa attracti
  2. Hello, I’m trying to get some help to understand interest being added to a money claim judgement and couldn’t see the best place to post it it isn’t consumer credit act related but an individual against an individual debt have received an email back from the money claims centre and can’t make sense of it relating to interest being added to the debt owed and wondered if someone would have any knowledge if I explained the circumstances. Thanks in advance
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