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  1. Thankyou, i called HMRC and I have sorted it all out and set up overpayment D/D. It will take a few years but its all sorted and i can rest easy. Thanks for all your advice and support
  2. Also can someone inform me if i will have to fill in a renewal pack if my claim has been stopped? Will they not just send me a bill for the overpayment? I do not understand the tax credits system fully as prior to 2016 i have never had to claim any benefits before. If anyone can shed some light i would very much apprecaite it.
  3. Also my claim was ended from April 2017 by compliance team so i shouldnt be entitled to anything, this was because i could not provide evidence that hubby had another fixed abode at this time, very complicated. So i suppose i just have to wait until they contact me i regards to what i owe.
  4. Thankyou for your reply, I havent filled in any renewal pack, i only received an amended award in Nov 17 saying my claim has ended, u fortunately we are above threshold to make joint claim. Compliance letter was end of Oct 2017 and then received complaince letter stating check has ended and then amended award letter following week. Nothing since Nov 17. Its such a long time to wait, like i say is this normal practice. Just want it aorting really. Is it best to hust sit and wait for them to contaxt me?
  5. Hi, I failed to inform tax credits that my single claim should be joint back in July 2017 and through compliance my claim was stopped. Recieved overpayment figure of just over £4000 but this was still to be confirmed, this was back in Nov 2017 and was told if nothing changed before April 2018 this would need to be paid back....i am happy to pay this back as i should not have recieved the funds. However i still havent received a Notice to Pay. Has anyone else been in this situation where they have waited numerous months before hearing from them? Should i call them or just wait and let them w
  6. Hi, did your case ever reach a conclusion? Have they sent you notification of how much you owe? I am still waiting since Nov 17 for them to re calculate my overpayment.
  7. Thankyou for your reply, i will wait and see if i hear from them and hopefully my nerves and worry will subside of over this matter.
  8. Good Morning. Please could anyone offer advice or shed light on my situation. Hubby and i split 2016 after i discovered he was having an affair, never thought to finacially seperate as lots of things were going on and i was dealing with heartache. Fast forward to June 2017 and we decided to give our relationship another go, i failed to inform tax credits as wanted to make sure that the relationship was going to stick...mistake or not i was stupid. Recieved a letter of compliance asking In Nov 2017 asking for information to be sent as they have links that x was linked to
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