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  1. Thats great thanks for confirming! Gives me some comfort that BH might be wrong.
  2. Ok thanks! If it is registered on the loan I assume I will then have a problem selling this....at any point?? The sequestration is now closed so would seem strange that I would need to keep the car forever??
  3. I’m not sure. Although as it was handled by the dealership at the time I would expect so... I have confirmed that this is not a secured loan or hire purchase.
  4. Looking for some advice. I defaulted on a black horse personal loan on 2012 (not hire purchase) which was taken out for a car in 2009. This was included in my sequestration. The car was not repossessed as the value of the car was too little. Black horse have confirmed that the account is closed but that I still have a balance. 5 years later I would like to sell the car but when carrying out a HPI check the balance is showing. Do I have the right to sell this car?
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